These special-purpose buoys have orange icons on white pillars, cans, or spars. Castle are offered to:

Give directions and also information.Warn the hazards and obstructions.Mark regulated areas.Mark keep-out (closed) areas.

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Information Buoys: Squares administer information together as areas to discover food, supplies, and repairs. They likewise give directions, distances, and also other non-regulatory information.


Hazard Buoys: Diamonds warning of perils such together rocks, shoals, or turbulent waters. Constantly proceed through caution and keep a for sure distance. Never assume that every hazard will be significant by a buoy.


Control Buoys: Circles show a minimal boating area such together no wake, idle speed, rate limit, or wash restrictions. You should obey the restriction inside the circle.


Keep-Out Buoys: crossed diamonds indicate areas where satisfied craft are prohibited such as dams and also spillways.


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