Last night, someone gained the neighborhood Chest "You space assessed because that street repairs - $40 per home $115 per hotel"

He didn"t have the money to pay. This led to a long argument.

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Can he offer some of the homes to covering the cost of the repair?

And if that does, do the sold houses count in the calculation of $40 every house?



You can sell houses and also hotels at any time, for any kind of reason.

From the rules:

Houses and also hotels may be sold back to the financial institution at any type of time for one-half the pricepaid because that them.

The amount of money you have to pay is based on the houses/hotels you had at the moment you attracted the card. Marketing houses/hotels at this point would not minimize the amount you need to pay.

While this is not addressed straight in the rulebook, multiple resources confirm this in a FAQ.

When assessed because that street repairs, salary for every houses and hotels you own on the entire board at that time.

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I have always interpreted the map as:

Amount to salary = (£$40 * ) + (£$115 * ). This quantity is fixed, regardless of any houses / many hotels which might then must be sold. I m sorry is come say - you cannot alleviate the amount you must pay by marketing off houses and also hotels.If the player have the right to afford it, they pay the amount come the bank;If the player has insufficient cash, then funds need to be raised through house / hotel sales and also / or mortgaging / selling properties;If funds still can"t be elevated - poor luck. You"re bankrupt and also out that the game.
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