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In February 2021, moment-g.com obtained a cheat tracker report onWolfhaven heart of the Past. The consumer purchased a pup native the breeder, andalleged the breeder’s case that your pups are high contents wolves (99%) werefalse. The consumer likewise stated the agency had sent a lot of misinformation onthe treatment for the “wolf pup”.

The consumer had a DNA test performed on her pup, theresults verified 37.5% Gray Wolf, 25%Alaskan Malamute, 25% German Shepherd Dog and 12.5% Siberian Husky.

Here are some of the company’s claims moment-g.com uncovered either ontheir web page or the info sent to consumers:

“Our wolves space 99% wolf. There are others the end there the mix dog, plain and also simple, we DON’T.” "they have actually no health problems" "they deserve to live 30 years""no fleas or ticks""no odor"“They room from the feline family, no the canine as taught. Therefore no dog shots, feline shots only.”“Should no be eating any type of fruit or vegetables, they cannot digest them.”“Require dirt in your diet.”

The moment-g.com"s investigation revealed the agency was previously situated in Oregon and also Texas. An web search shows a vast number of an adverse customer reviews,complaints, and also a Facebook web page plus numerous petitions designed to shut downthe procedure going ago over ten years.

UPDATE: together of April 2021, moment-g.com proceeds to get calls from consumer alleging they have actually purchased pups from Wolfhaven spirit of the past that are not the advertised "high content" wolf pups.

moment-g.com tips for buying a new pet:

Consider adopting or buying locally. Unless you deserve to visit the owner or breeder before you payandbring house your puppy personally, protect against buying a puppy, bird or other pet from the end of state. When you have a pet shipped from another area, you don’t recognize really how healthy or young the is, or also if the pet exists at all.Ask for clinical records and pedigree. Get a created account of every medical treatment your puppy has actually received, consisting of vaccinations and also antibiotics. Take it the documents to her vet throughout the very first examination, which need to be within a couple of days that bringing her puppy home.Check with an government on dog/wolf breeds, that can provide breeder search tips, inquiries to ask and other information.

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