Skunks are famous for break in to farms and sheds, and notorious because that killing poultry and also other smaller animals. If you effort to hunt them down, catch them or follow them away, they will spray you v a nasty odor chemical coming from the glands under their tail. Altogether, skunks room a nuisance, and also dealing v them deserve to be very troubling. Often, skunks will reason a an extensive damage to farmers before they control to get rid of them. They will kill a lot of their poultry and the whole process of removing can last for a really long time. Still, a lot of people are unsure whether or not skunks actually kill chickens.

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Amongst other types of foods, skunks likewise feed top top chickens. Often, skunks will raid coops and also cause a an extensive amount of damage to farmers. The factor that chickens room so tempting come skunks is their size and also build. Since of their small size, chickens room weaker and vulnerable to skunk attacks. Skunks can conveniently subdue chickens that are conveniently scared, defenseless and fragile. Overall, chickens are basic prey for skunks. They will not fight earlier and room not equipped with any natural weapons to ache the skunk. Because that this reason, once a skunk division in a chicken coop, it deserve to kill a large number of chickens in a quick amount of time. In a solitary night, a farmer can uncover dozens the his chickens eliminated by skunks. This can reason a comprehensive damage come farmers. Also, remaining live chicken are also not safe, as result of the danger that they’ve end up being infected from any disease that a skunk might carry.The lull of subduing chicken is no the just reason that these delicate poultry animals are together a tempting prey to skunks is their body build. In fact, chicken are highly nutritive come skunks due to the fact that they room made the end of thick muscle mass. For skunks, chickens are a an excellent source that fat and protein that is easy to reach. Chickens, come skunks, current the prey that is easy to subdue yet highly nutritive.

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Pounds and pounds that soft meat include protein, particularly in farm-fed, fine nurtured chickens. These 2 factors, the physiological construct of chicken joined through their defenseless nature, make chickens the ideal and most tempting food for skunks.If you require help, we company the entire USA! Click right here for a wildlife removal specialist in your town!Go back to the main Skunk Removal page for an ext information around Do skunks assault chickens?.