Does mine windshield need to be replaced?Was told windshield may not happen inspection if i don’t replace because of scratches top top it. I have a photo of the automobile with the scratches below. They start towards the ideal of the driver’s seat and extend through the passenger seat. Ns wish i had much better pictures but they’re so irradiate it’s an extremely hard come see. Ns ran my fingernails over them and they didn’t catch at all. I have actually the car detailed above and I desire to pass my Pennsylvania inspection. Do you think I need to repair my windshield, replace, or take it it to an additional mechanic because that inspection? evaluate all help!

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I would ask the technician that is walk to execute the inspection. PA state regulation says the you need to replace the windshield if there is noþeles obstructing the view. This can be cracks, absent chips in view path of the driver, and scratches. The snapshot did not attach so if you can try again, that will help. However, PA state examiners are each independent from one one more so if one fails something that is a judgment speak to then one more may not. However, most all of them room going come err ~ above the side of caution due to the fact that if you get pulled over and a cop finds this, they deserve to pull the patent of the technician the did the inspection and also passed the if castle think it fails.

Hi! give thanks to you for the rapid answer it was helpful. Attached I placed a attach to a few pictures permit me understand what you think. They re very light and also not really on the driver s next they start towards the center of the windshield

Yeah. I have seen those before. Usually they are led to by worn wiper blades. The only reason I would certainly fail it for those is if once looking out the windshield, it would record your eye. This have the right to be distracting. Ns would avoid in a couple of shops and ask the state inspector if they would certainly fail it for that. Many will watch quickly and give you your opinion.

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Hi, i am license is granted to perform PA state safety and emission inspections. There is a an important view area ~ above the windshield that deserve to not it is in damaged. The an essential area is on the driver's side of the vehicle directly in the driver's typical line that vision 8 1/2 inches broad and 5 1/2 customs high. Cracks in ~ this area area thought about illegal. Scratches might be different. However, anything the obstructs the driver's vision in the area need to fail safety inspection.Here is a perform of points not acceptable:Glass v shatters or exposed spicy edges is no allowedAny crack or chips have to not be directly in driver s visionAny huge cracks or discoloration i beg your pardon interferes through clear see of the roadway is illegal on all windowsAreas of etching other than those compelled are no permitted__________________________Also, here are a couple of other points most people don't know. Note: This is best from the manual.Other laws and regulations:Obstructed windshield regulations: No sign, poster, or other non-transparent material is enabled on windshield which have the right to impair driver s watch of the road.Replacement windshields: instead of windshield glass must be the the same kind and quality, and also any repairs should restore vehicle to its initial state.Windshield wipers: Vehicles have to be equipped with windshield wipers in great working conditions. Crack which protect against wipers from operating correctly may be illegal.If possible, upload a pic. If the scratches room not in the "Critical View" area, you have to be okay. Permit me recognize if you have other questions.Take care, Joe