During the 1770s and also 1780s, France"s federal government sank deeply into debt. Part of the difficulty was the extravagant safety of
In a dramatic speech, Sieyès said that the 3rd Estate delegates name themselves the national Assembly and pass laws and reforms in the surname of the French people.

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They broke down a door come an indoor tennis court, pledging to continue to be until castle had drawn up a new constitution. This pledge became known together the
Before long, rebellion spread from Paris into the countryside.From one town to the next, wild rumors circulated that thenobles were hiring outlaws come terrorize the peasants. A wave ofsenseless panic referred to as the
Peasants formed the largest team within the third Estate, much more than 80 per- cent of France"s 26 million people. Peasants paid about fifty percent their income in dues come nobles, tithes to the Church, and taxes come the king"s agents. They even paid taxes on such straightforward staples as salt. Peasants and the urban poor resented the clergy and also the noble for their privileges and special treatment. The heavily taxed and discon- tented 3rd Estate was passionate for change.
Louis XVI, however, was indecisive and permitted matters to drift. That paid tiny atten- tion come his government advisers, and had little patience for the details the governing. The queen only included to Louis"s problems. She regularly interfered in the government, and frequently available Louis negative advice. Further, due to the fact that she was a member the the royal family members of Austria, France"s long-time enemy, Marie Antoinette had been unpop- ular indigenous the moment she collection foot in France. Her behavior only do the instance worse. Together queen, she spent so lot money on gowns, jewels, gambling, and gifts the she became known together "Madame Deficit."
The clergy and also the nobles had conquered the Estates-General transparent the center Ages and expected to execute so in the 1789 meeting. Under the assembly"s medieval rules, each estate"s delegates met in a different hall to vote, and each estate had actually one vote. The two privileged manors could constantly outvote the 3rd Estate.

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This body had actually the strength to produce laws and to approve or reject declarations the war. However, the king still held the executive strength to obtrude laws.