Modesty is a rarity in absent ’n’ roll. But for a hit-writer, producer and rock star, Jeff Lynne screens none the the super-sized ego normally linked with those jobs. That may explain why the 71-year old ELO frontman has actually worn sunglasses because that the best component of 40 years. ‘I intend it is sort of a “hiding-behind” mechanism,’ Lynne confesses. ‘But I’m not so negative as I supplied to be. And I actually require glasses now. Ns can’t it is in doing without them.’

Lynne is a backroom boy at heart, to like the solitude of the studio to the red carpet of Hollywood. After fifty percent a century of graph success, the bearded Brummie still favours a cup of brothers tea over the hollow chink that the celebrity champagne flute.

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He has actually the Beverly Hills mansion, the 50 million album sales, the legendary buddies and also the suspiciously brown hair however Lynne is defiantly private and also self-effacing.

He has the Beverly Hills mansion, the 50 million album sales, the legend buddies and also the suspiciously brown hair however Jeff Lynne is defiantly private and self-effacing

Throughout the Seventies he produced a multitude of top Ten smashes, consisting of Mr Blue Sky, role Over Beethoven, angry Woman and Livin’ Thing. Currently he is releasing his very first new collection in four years, From the end Of Nowhere, i m sorry recalls the lush ELO formula the yore. But some things never change. Lynne’s writing still has actually a lonesome feel. ‘That originates from my hero prayer of Del Shannon and also Roy Orbison,’ that explains. ‘Roy an especially had a lonely time, and also when ns was a kid, around 13, 14, the was a huge influence on me. ’

Lynne came to be close come Orbison in the Eighties supergroup the travel Wilburys, with George Harrison, Tom Petty and also Bob Dylan. ‘When you obtained to understand Roy he was a lot various to the refined exterior,’ Lynne reveals. ‘He could do a Monty Python sketch all the way through, with all the voices.

‘When us were law that tune You acquired It, Roy sang it well all through on the very first go but I was yes, really terrified that we weren’t acquiring it all on tape. Yet we did, luckily.’

Lynne in the Eighties through supergroup the traveling Wilburys, v George Harrison, Tom Petty, Roy Orbison and Bob Dylan

There space now just two Wilburys left, Lynne and also Dylan, adhering to the deaths of Orbison (1988), George Harrison (2001) and Petty 2 years ago. ‘Tom died much as well young,’ sighs Lynne sadly.

You wonder if Lynne is quiet minded that his chums once he is working today. ‘I’m certain I’m always thinking of castle at part point,’ the says, including that he have the right to feel the heart of the really much alive Dylan ‘when ns at house trying to carry out the words. Ns tell you, girlfriend don’t want Bob hanging roughly when you’re creating lyrics.’

Lynne also remembers his girlfriend Harrison fondly. ‘I was good pals with George because that ten years,’ Lynne smiles. ‘He inquiry me if I’d job-related on his album Cloud Nine but he said, “Fancy walk on vacation first?” So, we visited Australia to watch the grand Prix in Adelaide. The was rather a trip.’

Lynne is a backroom young at heart, preferring the solitude the the studio come the red carpet the Hollywood

Paul McCartney describes Lynne together ‘funny, shy, ever so clever, good musician… and also a full t***!’ So, Lynne laughs when I depicted Alan Partridge to ask: to be ELO the tape The Beatles might have been? ‘John Lennon provided to to speak that type of thing.’

Lennon to be a huge fan that ELO, calling castle the ‘sons the Beatles’ top top a new York radio terminal in 1974. He specifically liked Showdown, relenten the track as ‘a beautiful job’.

Lennon’s favourite ELO tune likewise features some of Lynne’s best guitar playing. ‘I did that on Marc Bolan’s guitar, a Gibson Firebird. He remained in the following studio and also popped in.’

As a producer, Lynne is most proud of the work he did on cost-free As A Bird, the solitary that supported The Beatles’ Anthology 1 album in 1995. The three continuing to be Beatles recorded approximately Lennon’s 1977 demo tape and created a new track, v Lynne’s assistance. ‘I just had to improvise and come up v a couple of things to do it work,’ the says. ‘I did it late at night, 3am in the studio, simply me and also the engineer, due to the fact that I didn’t want to carry out it in prior of Paul and also George. Yet I come in the following day and also Paul provided me a hug and also he said, “You’ve done it, fine done!”’

‘It to be super, that,’ he says quietly. ‘Really, yes, really nice.’ 

‘From out Of Nowhere’ is exit on Friday. Jeff Lynne’s Radio 2 In Concert will certainly be transfer live top top BBC Radio 2 and BBC sounds on November 7


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