Naruto: 15 things You never Knew around Itachi Uchiha Itachi Uchiha is among the most mysterious personalities in Naruto. As time go on, the author finally revealed the dark keys in his past...

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once Sasuke Uchiha was presented in the third chapter of the Naruto manga, he declared that his main goal in life was to death a details person. Us later find that the person is Itachi Uchiha, Sasuke"s older brother.

Itachi had actually murdered virtually the entire Uchiha clan, leaving just Sasuke alive. Sasuke becomes obsessed with his desire because that revenge. He seeks out Orochimaru in order to become powerful enough to slay Itachi and seek vengeance for his clan.

After the 2 brothers have their fateful battle, we find out that there is more to Itachi"s actions than we previously suspected. The truth behind the Uchiha massacre reveals some of the dirty keys that the elders that Konoha had actually wanted to save under wraps.

We are below today come look at the life of among the most renowned Naruto villains of every time.

From the details the his love life which never ever made it right into the manga, come his culpability in bring about Naruto come commit murder, below are the 15 things You Didn"t Know about Itachi Uchiha.

Itachi Lover Naruto
The fight between Sasuke and Itachi concludes in the 393rd chapter of the Naruto manga, through Itachi ultimately succumbing come his illness. Sasuke is rescued through Tobi, who reveals the reality behind Itachi"s actions.

Tobi reveals that Itachi killed all of his friends and family members, as well as his lover, which increased a lot of speculation among the pan base around who that human was. When Naruto ended, we still hadn"t learned anything about Itachi"s lover, so most fans assumed the it was a throwaway line the was never meant to it is in resolved.

After Naruto ended, there were number of light novels exit which focused on different personalities from the series. Two of these concentrated on Itachi, the first of which defined his life prior to the Uchiha massacre. These novels to be later adjusted as component of the anime.

Itachi"s lover was revealed to it is in Izumi Uchiha. She was an additional member that the Uchiha clan that was infatuated with Itachi throughout most of your lives. Izumi to be the very first member of the Uchiha clan to dice at Itachi"s hands. He supplied the Tsukuyomi to enable her come live an imagine life in addition to him in a genjutsu dream world.

Naruto Akatsuki
The key villain transparent the an initial part of Naruto is Orochimaru. The is replaced after the moment skip through a group called Akatsuki. These are a team that ninjas that defected from their villages and also were currently some the the many wanted criminal in the land.

The initial goal that Akatsuki was to create a super weapon that would allow them to take end the world. In order to do this, they needed the ripe tailed-beasts in your possession, one of whom was trapped within of Naruto.

The members that Akatsuki quickly became popular v the pan base, because of their cool design and also innovative combat abilities. Masashi Kishimoto (the creator of Naruto) has confirmed that Itachi was his favourite member the Akatsuki.

He had wanted to produce villains through a backstory the was together rich and detailed together that that the protagonists, i m sorry is most likely why he liked Itachi so much, together the details that his life ended up being one the the most essential plot point out of the series.

Itachi original style Danzo
The Uchiha clan weren"t originally part of the story of Naruto. Masashi Kishimoto had originally wanted the story to focus totally on Naruto himself. His editors encouraged him come add much more characters come the story, among whom required to it is in a competitor to Naruto.

This caused the creation of Sasuke, that would go on come win several of the official Shonen Jump character popularity polls, and also who essentially took over a most the story of Naruto.

Itachi"s design and function in the story were initially different. He was going to be the leader that a team of 70 ninjas dubbed "The Itachi Squad." This would have actually been a team that dealt with assassinations and also other secret tasks that the town at large wasn"t aware of.

Itachi likewise had an X-shaped scar ~ above his chin. These original design elements were moved over come Danzo, that operated a mystery group within Konoha called "Root" and had the same scar on his chin.

12 The Egg Movie

Itachi Naruto egg cooking
Naruto gained a reputation as being a collection filled with emo personalities who whined a lot, i beg your pardon was partly a solution to Sasuke"s story overtaking Naruto"s in relevance. This is a vastly over exaggerated view, as Naruto had a many light-hearted and humorous moments. Over there was even a comedy spinoff that starred rock Lee, which mainly mocked the main series.

Naruto Shippūden: ultimate Ninja Storm Revolution was released through a quick OVA the starred Itachi. The is a bizarre attribute called Sunny next Battle! Itachi is make the efforts to chef the perfect clear side up eggs, without any kind of pieces that the covering clinging come the yolk.

He uses the full power the his Sharingan in stimulate to effort this and also keeps failing. Itachi refuses to enable Sasuke come eat any of the eggs until he has cooked the perfect one. The is forced to use the power of the Mangekyo Sharingan repeatedly to complete the task.

when a manga becomes popular in Japan, the publisher will occasionally release databooks, i m sorry contain every one of the known information around the personalities from the series. The databooks have tendency to also feature exclusive content from the author of the series, such together interviews and concept art.

One the the main functions of the databooks is the reality that they provide stats to every one of the characters. In Naruto"s case, this intended judging castle on their various techniques (taijutsu, genjutsu, ninjutsu). It was harder for the men who do the Death keep in mind databooks, who had to give personalities stats based upon things prefer manipulation and also intelligence.

Itachi was tied for the highest stats in every one of the databooks v Jiraiya. This makes sense, together Jiraiya is among the couple of people who Itachi appeared genuinely fear to confront in combat. He fled native Jiraiya, also though he had Kisame fighting alongside him.

10 Itachi"s previous Partner

Masashi Kishimoto originally envisioned all of the members that Akatsuki spring monstrous and inhuman, with the exception of Itachi. It seems that he adjusted this arrangement over time, as numerous of the members looked prefer regular people (Deidara, Pain, Konan, Hidan), if the others (Sasori, Kisame, Kakuza, Zetsu) looked inhuman.

The Naruto anime presented other members that Akatsuki that were part of the team before their debut in the story. These personalities are taken into consideration to be filler and also non-canon. One of these to be Kakuza"s former partner prior to Hidan, who he eliminated after shedding control. The other far-ranging member was Juzo Biwa, who was Itachi"s partner prior to Kisame.

Juzo Biwa to be a previous ninja that Kirigakure and also a member the the 7 Swordsmen of the Mist. He to be the former bearer that the sword offered by Zabuza. The 2 of them worked together on several tasks, which culminated through a mission the took location in the land of Water.

Itachi and Juzo were hunted down by the fourth Mizukage himself. Juzo was eliminated in action, which left a spot open that was later on filled by Kisame.

There appears to be a pattern amongst the individualities of the miscellaneous genin teams in Konoha. It appears that every team has actually an aloof genius and a bratty rival who is always trying to store up. The exact same was certainly true the Itachi"s team, together he was one of the most skilled ninjas in the village, even as a child. He had actually to face the rivalry the Tenma Izumo, who was a fellow genin top top his team.

Despite his ability in most areas of ninjutsu, Itachi had actually still not caused his Sharingan throughout his time in the Academy. It took the fatality of his competitor to finally achieve this. Itachi"s team was favored to escort the Daiymo the the soil of Fire ~ above a journey.

Their convoy was struck by Tobi, who slaughtered Tenma through a single strike of his sword. This caused Itachi to lose control and also activate his Sharingan because that the an initial time.

8 The secret Magical Items

The Mangekyo Sharingan preserved gaining new powers throughout Naruto. It originally might trap people within illusions and also create a black fire the was unquenchable. Itachi confirmed off a new third power during his battle with Sasuke.

This strength was called Susanoo and it summoned one indestructible gift made the chakra. Susanoo is a an effective ally, however it requires a enormous amount the chakra to maintain and its consumption damages the human body of the user.

Itachi"s version of Susanoo is unique, in that it possesses items the the other Susanoos lacked. It carried a magical blade (the knife of Totsuka) that can trap those it strikes in an unlimited dream. It likewise carried a shield (the Yata Mirror) that safeguarded the user native all develops of elemental damage.

The concern of wherein Itachi discovered these items because that his Susanoo was never answered. Just how would one go around finding these items and also equipping them to an expansion of your own will?

The ability to carry out hand seals through a single hand is a very coveted capability in the Naruto world, i m sorry is possessed by just a few people.

It enables the user to potentially execute two jutsus at once, or use a weapon while producing seals. There are only six characters in Naruto who were displayed to execute this feat (seven if you counting a filler personality from the anime). Haku and also Zabuza were both presented to have the ability to perform one-handed seals, despite this to be still beforehand in the series when the rules of the cosmos were still gift fleshed out.

The other characters who have the right to perform one-handed seals are Naruto, Sasuke, the fourth Hokage, and Itachi. We very first see Itachi law this during his development when we see him fighting Kakashi in Konoha. That is able to perform jutsus while keeping shuriken all set in his other hand, which do Kakashi wary in his approach, together he was worried about leaving himself open to a counterattack.

6 Itachi to be The second Best college student Of all Time in ~ The Academy

among the biggest mistakes the Masashi Kishimoto made when telling the story of Naruto was how he tackled the reveal of Naruto"s true parentage. Fans had actually suspected because that years the he was actually the son of the fourth Hokage.

This speculation to be confirmed... In a arbitrarily drunken conversation in between Jiraiya and also Tsunade. As time walk on, the lack of information around Naruto"s parental seemed like it made less sense, considering just how many civilization befriended them and also how their affect on the village was seemingly never ever discussed.

Itachi Shinden: publication of glowing Light revealed that the fourth Hokage to be the highest scoring student in the history of the Konoha Academy. Itachi to be the second highest of all time. No one ever brings this up in the story, choose pretty much all of the details that the 4th Hokage"s life before the disclose of the fact that he to be Naruto"s father.

We just saw clues of Itachi"s backstory throughout Naruto. The most we learned was throughout Tobi"s story around the history of Konoha, which ultimately led to the plan Uchiha coup.

According come Tobi, Itachi observed a battlefield throughout the 3rd Shinobi human being War. All of the death and also destruction brought about him to strive for peace, which made the side through Konoha once he learned that the coup.

The Itachi novels and also their anime adaptation expanded on his backstory. Once Itachi was 4 years old, he tried to provide water come a injured ninja native Iwagakure. Itachi was forced to kill the ninja by slashing his throat. His father then explained to him the definition of war and also why that was vital that he witness this battlefield.

After discussing the meaning of life and also death v Orochimaru, Itachi decides to take his own life. He transforms his mind in ~ the last moment, though, and also later learns of the brewing birth the Sasuke, i beg your pardon inspires that to keep on living.

4 The garbage Of The Eye

Itachi can have to be the most respected member the the Uchiha clan in terms of fighting ability, however he was not the many feared. Shisui Uchiha could be the most powerful member the the clan to have ever before existed.

This was as result of Shisui"s capability to use a an approach called Kotamatsukami. Shisui might use a genjutsu so powerful that that acted together true mind control. Kotamatsukami can influence people"s minds and also give castle false memories and experiences.

Danzo stole among Shisui"s eyes prior to his death. Shisui gave his various other eye come Itachi and then cursed suicide, with the expect of awakening Itachi"s Mangekyo Sharingan.

Itachi implanted Shisui"s eye into a crow and also placed it within Naruto so that he could readjust Sasuke"s personality if the turned evil. This was a vast waste the the eye, given that he might have used it on any of the major villains in the story (like pain or Obito) and prevented castle from completing their angry plans.

Zetsu noticed the Itachi"s movements throughout his final battle with Sasuke to be sluggish and also uncoordinated. He puts this under to the fact that Itachi to be ill. Tobi reveals the Itachi was suffering from a terminal illness and was ~ above death"s door when he fought Sasuke. He insurance claims that Itachi was utilizing the many potent drugs obtainable to keep himself alive.

In the novel Naruto Jinraiden: The job the wolf Howled, Sasuke learns of the medication that Itachi to be using and also tracks it down to the source. Itachi befriended 2 brothers that made a powerful medicine, i m sorry could likewise be turned right into a very addictive drug.

The 2 brothers have actually to complete with a neighborhood clan, who wanted to steal the medicine and also synthesize it. Itachi offered to fight turn off this clan during his visits to the brothers, which renders you wonder why they retained coming back. Itachi has the capacity to lock human being in nightmarish illusions. Go he never use this capability in stimulate to protect the brothers from harm?

2 He refused To kill Brothers

Not only was Itachi covertly looking the end for Konoha"s ideal interests by performing the Uchiha massacre, yet he also acted as a dual agent during his time v Akatsuki.

This was a extremely dangerous mission, which connected him gift scrutinized by other ninjas that were just as powerful as that was. He completed this mission without rousing suspicion and also was even considered to it is in a friend by the likes of Kisame.

Itachi had one weak that could have blown his cover throughout his time v Akatsuki. He refuse to death brothers, also if they to be trying to kill him.

In the novel Akatsuki Hiden: evil Flowers in full Bloom, Itachi and also Kisame encounter a team of ninjas native Kirigakure. Itachi realizes that two of the ninjas he is battling are twin brothers and also cannot bring himself to kill them, also though they had actually paralyzed Kisame and also were actively trying to capture or death him.

Perhaps this was due to the fact that he knew of the strong bond felt between brothers.

The story of Naruto went out of its way to try and avoid its protagonists from killing people. This renders sense in the it is published in Weekly Shonen Jump and they probably don"t want characters who go around massacring people every week. The makes much less sense because that ninja assassins to never take stays in the course of duty.

Uzumaki Naruto walk technically take it a life throughout the series, though. When it was found that Kakashi/Gai"s groups were follow Sasori and Deidara, the members that Akatsuki used a method that allowed them to pour their chakra into another individual, which would revolve them right into a copy. This incredibly useful an approach is never ever used again ~ this point.

Itachi takes control of a ninja dubbed Yura. Naruto death Itachi/Yura with a Rasengan, leaving his corpse top top the ground for Zetsu come eat. This is one of the most cold-hearted moves excellent by Itachi in the series.

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He might have let one of the other Akatsuki members struggle Naruto, however he chose to carry out it himself. This is one of the pieces of proof that fans have actually used to imply that Itachi"s redemption to be a last minute decision and was no planned the end properly.


What perform you think? to be Naruto"s Itachi Uchiha an excellent or bad? do you have anything to add? allow us recognize in the comment section!