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VictorFrankenstein has been fixated on creating human life native inanimate body parts and has operated himself into the floor to accomplish this goal, isolating self from various other people. However, he has actually not sufficiently imagine or assumed through what will challenge him top top the other end and is no emotionally...

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Victor Frankenstein has been fixated on developing human life native inanimate bodies parts and has operated himself right into the ground to attain this goal, isolating self from various other people. However, he has not sufficiently imagined or assumed through what will face him top top the various other end and also is no emotionally all set for what he sees. As soon as the creature concerns life, the is so hideous that Victor flees the in terror and also revulsion.

Abandoned, the creature finds the he is rejected by humankind. When he finally encounters Victor in the Alps some 2 years later, the creature has taught self to read and to speak. The communicates the anguish he has experienced at being abandoned and made a lonely outcast, and also he needs that Victor construct him a bride. Victor is relocated by his words—and his hazard to retaliate if the is not given a mate.

In the end, however, Victor is can not to fully empathize through the needs of his creature. That rips personally the bride, fear of a gyeongju of together beings emerging if Victor and also his bride deserve to have children. He never ever offers the biology an different life, maybe by making the a part, also if hidden, that his own family members or giving him love and also companionship v himself or in some other way. He simply abandons the biology a second time, top his production to destroy Victor"s family and also then chasing Victor through the intent of death him.

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For all his seeming refinement and also sensitivity, Victor is never able to see v the monster"s appearance to his suffering and also inherently kind human being soul underneath that yearns because that love. This has been check out as a parable around both childbirth—the revulsion a mother deserve to experience at she newborn—and around colonialism, signalling the revulsion that Europeans periodically felt in ~ the illustration of native peoples in other parts the the world.