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Why are mostly Western European style names prefer Matthew, Mark, Luke and also John used for center Eastern people? I typical why are those names tho spelled that way in the scriptures when we could find every the originals (Barnabas, Saul, Yeshua, etc. )?

I understand this looks favor kind the a mundane question. But, together I have actually not found similar questions under the language tag i hope the is acceptable to article it here.



They are not "Western European" name per se, instead these names are typical in western Europe, America, etc. Specifically due to the fact that they spread along with moment-g.com.

Names room transliterated since of a desire to store these words as close come the initial as possible, but there room differences in between languages, such as just how words space used and what letters and sounds room available. The nature that these changes is fairly consistent because that words external of the holy bible writings which are transliterated.

The precise nature of this transliterations are a far better discussion for a linguist group, yet I will offer some simple examples to aid explain how we use the literal meaning words from the translations.

Take Mark, because that instance. The original word is "Μάρκος" in Greek. That"s actually what they dubbed him. That"s the actual letters they composed in the initial manuscripts. At least, that"s a digital depiction of the Greek phenoms i beg your pardon were written down by human being who knew him. The originals were more than likely all upper situation with no spaces or punctuation. Every one of these letters have actually a a very consistent transliteration right into Roman characters (which is what English uses), and even the letters look a lot like the original Greek letters. In the sense, you can spell the in roman characters as "Markos". Yet in Greek, the critical to letters, the "ος" are component of the word that point out it"s location in the sentence. In this instance, it"s in the singular nomitive case. You might also see it as "Μάρκον", "Μάρκου", and also so fourth, depending upon where it is in every sentence. In English, we don"t have any type of need for the ending since we determine part of decided by location in the sentence. So, we merely drop the changeable part, and also that pipeline us with "Mark". It"s literally the English means to write the word that shows up in the manuscripts. The very same is true for many other names.

Some transliterations aren"t as obvious. Of many interest is "Jesus". In Greek, the is "Ἰησοῦς". Come a casual observer, it"s difficult to see the link here. However, come a Greek student, the is obvious. The "σ" and also "ς" room both the same letter, and also is the just Greek letter which alters grapheme through location. It relates come the roman inn "s". The "η" is a small hard come transliterate right into roman letters. The transliterates as "e", though it technically has more of a vowel sound choose "hey", i beg your pardon is various than epsilon, additionally transliterated as "e". The "Ἰ" is one "iy" favor sound, clearly without aspiration. So, you might think it must be transliterated together "I". However, the Greek had actually no "J" personality or sound, and also the "Ἰ" was as close together they can come because that words that had "J" like sound. So, if the Greek Jews were trying to compose something prefer "John" or "Joshua", they would certainly have had to use "Ἰ" instead. That is very common as soon as transliterating Greek words, especially those i beg your pardon may have actually been based upon Hebrew words, come transliterate "Ἰ" to "J". That pipeline the "οῦς". When again, in the Greek, the ending can readjust based on component of speech, however this kind is a little bit different. The "οῦ" is a dipthong i beg your pardon doesn"t quite have actually a good one to one connection with roman inn letters. Also though you could probably obtain away through "ou", it has actually been an extremely common come tranliterate "οῦ" as "u" in English. That pipeline us through "Jesus".

As because that "Yeshua", that comes from a transliteration the the Hewbrew. As to which is wanted there, between the Greek or the Hebrew, that have the right to be a very different matter. But neither is arbitrary. That may be a good question for one more time.

Sometimes, the name can be transliterated differently into roman characters however different languages. One instance is "Πέτρος". A close transliteration of the personalities might it is in "Petros", and it"s usually the Greek word because that a stone. The "ος", as stated prior to could be dropped for English. And also English likes "er" better for the "r". Spanish, ~ above the other hand, doesn"t like the "t" in donate of a "d". In English, it becomes "Peter", and in Spanish it i do not care "Pedro". Both are very popular names in their corresponding languages in regions where moment-g.com has spread.

We perform see "Saul" and "Barnabas" in the Bible. And also when that"s what is supplied in the Greek text, that"s what"s provided in at the very least the KJV and also probably most other formal indistinguishable translations. One exception to this rule may it is in "Calvary" and also "Easter", which in the KJV might be dynamic identical variants quite than straightforward transliteration. However, to my knowledge, all of the names of world were merely transliterated. The holy bible authors themselves, under incentive of God, made decision which surname they want to use. The translators just copied that. If you space asking why Peter is sometimes called Simon and sometimes Cephas, etc. Through the initial authors, that"s a great question, yet a various question. The reasons would most likely be different for each person and each instance. Each author (Paul, Luke, etc.) may have various reasons, such as target audience, or they space quoting a human being speaking, or even to emphasize a brand-new name, etc.

The name you pointed out were usual Greek names, no Anglo-Saxon names. This names became popular since they were in the Bible and as the bible spread, particularly throughout western Europe and the Americas, human being named their youngsters after the famed names in the Bible. Some names were more famous, choose Mark, and also Peter, and also John. Part names just didn"t obtain mentioned together much and weren"t as famous, like Dorcus or Barnabas. Sometimes, world still do pick out the lesser usual names. But the more popular the human or surname is in the Bible, normally the much more likely that world will usage that name.

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The same thing is true the Hebrew names, too, like Daniel, Jonathan, David, etc., which breakdown into Hebrew words. Those Hebrew words, similar to the Greek words, spread into English and other languages due to the fact that of the spread out of the Bible.