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I have had actually a poor stomach all day, I have actually been farting really bad all day on my computer system seat. Any method just out of curiosoty I determined to sniff the bit of the chair where all mine farts were landing, it stinks that weed, ns don"t also moke the stuff.

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Doesn"t median you don"t transaction it. You forgot to take the ounce out of your rectum from once you smuggled it across the border, silly.


You males are yes, really cool due to the fact that you acting weed - you acquired that ok? (no offence to topic starter, your safe =>)


That"s nauseating. Seriously, my stomach is turning just from analysis that. Anyway, i can"t imagine exactly how smoking miscellaneous would impact the aroma of your colonic gasses, if the were the case my bathroom would certainly reek of cigarettes. Maybe you"ve been eating a most roughage lately? Something choose that normally will influence your digestive system and the features thereof.

So, cigarette smoking weed is no cool?

When did this happen?

WTF dude i highly dout her farts smell favor weed. And also why would you even fuckin smell?You know its walk to smell bad.

Well it"d more than likely hurt to fill in lot more, I"m assuming that doesn"t indulge himself in activites i m sorry would enable him carry out so.

*looks come Subkutz because that reassurance*

It ain"t because that everybody. Ns smoked the shit a couple of times and also didn"t once obtain high. So, i switched to NyQuil.

When go this happen?

It didn"t.

You"re cool.

He gets high?

Man, Imagine the flamibility on the though...


You"re tho alive!?!?!?!?!

Try rat poison.

Dude, why the hell are you bending over and smelling your very own fart-stained seats?...More important why room you telling us?...POT-HEAD!...

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Anyway, i dunno man...HOW walk YOU recognize IT SMELLED like HEMP IF girlfriend HAVEN"T excellent IT? HMMMMMMMM!!!!!!!!!!111eleven

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