There’s absolutely no doubt around the cuteness that guinea pigs and also the friendly nature the this pet. That is hardly ever that friend would watch a guinea pig bite i beg your pardon is why, when they do; there is a factor behind it. If you own a guinea pig, then you must know that castle are always communicating v you in miscellaneous ways. If the guinea pig’s biting is getting much more common each passing day then it’s a authorize that they room not happy. The can likewise indicate part inconvenience in general. Stop dive right into some commonly asked questions about this topic.

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What you need to know about Guinea Pig bites

Why does mine guinea pig bite me?

It must be detailed that a guinea pig might bite you when you try to hold it increase often. Together a dominion of thumb, a guinea pig walk not favor to be hosted too much. Castle can acquire irritated and hence begin biting. It could likewise be a an outcome of a noisy environment which end up do them feel uncomfortable.

Another reason why her guinea pig could be biting girlfriend is as result of fear. Guinea pigs can develop a negative emotion in the direction of those who have mishandled them before. This causes them come be yes, really afraid and hence bite as a result. Together this pet keeps running around and also playing, that is possible that her guinea pig might have part pain and discomfort because of some bruise or sprain. This is why as soon as someone make the efforts to host it, castle cannot was standing the pain and in an effort to retaliate can end up biting.


What walk it average when your guinea pig tries to bite you?

If your guinea pig has been biting friend a lot of lately then it can mean a multitude the things. Among the reasons might be that your hands can smell like something that they generally eat. Under the illusion, they deserve to tend to bite you. However, the most typical reason for a guinea pig to bite is as soon as they need to pee. It is their means of exclaiming the you must let lock go.

Noise or commotion, in general, can also be a create when it involves biting. The noise might be as result of several reasons such as traffic, loud TV, thunderstorms and the like. If her guinea pig is feeling a tiny moody then it deserve to tend come bite. Although guinea pigs are an extremely social, they additionally need to be left alone every now and also again. If you have started playing with your guinea pig and notification that they room simply starting to bite, climate it’s a good idea to let them just be because that a while.

Lastly, the factor behind her guinea pig’s bite can additionally be mites or parasites. When feeling unwell, your guinea pig deserve to start biting anyone who holds it. You might have to take it it to the vet and also get a thorough checkup done. Mites normally make the skin the guinea pigs very sensitive which causes them come retaliate when tried to be held.

Why guinea pigs bite every other?

If friend have an ext than one guinea pig in a cage, climate biting is sort of normal. It commonly happens once the guinea pig the you have is in that is adolescence. The younger one would typically start to bite the relatively elder guinea pig. Biting among guinea pigs is common as far as it is not also frequent. If you notice that the guinea pigs space biting every other and are in a fight, then you need to keep lock in different cages.

Is a guinea pig bite dangerous?


There is nothing come worry around with a guinea pig bite. If friend are having a guinea pig as your pet, then there room bound to be instances once it will certainly bite you. Much more often than not, that is a tenderness peck sort of bite. During this time, you should know that the bite is harmless and only means that you require to resolve the issue that requirements concern. Usually, a guinea pig bite method that they should be offered some an are for a while. Your cute guinea pigs are indeed really cheerful pets, yet they surely need an alone time of your own. Girlfriend should recognize that friend don"t have to do anything special to assist them. As lengthy as they space healthy, they deserve to simply number it the end on your own. ~ a while, friend will check out them coming ago to you and also being your joyous self. Rest assured a bite from her adorable pet does not have to be concerned about.

What to execute after a guinea pig bite?

You need to pay fist if the guinea pig bite has actually caused part bleeding. Mostly, the bite has tendency to be a typical one i beg your pardon does no cause any type of harm. But if it causes bleeding climate you need to attend to the situation with care.

Wash the impacted area through soap and let that dry. After this, you can put a subject antibiotic on the wound. You have the right to then cover this up with a bandage. In situation the recipient of the bite is a other guinea pig, then there room two means you can go about it.

If the bite is harmless and gentle, then you have the right to let it be. However, if it has actually caused some bleeding in the guinea pig then certainly take them to a vet. A skilled doctor would have the ability to handle the instance much better than girlfriend could.

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The bulk of guinea pigs have a really pleasant and friendly nature. In fact, the is what they are generally known for. This is why when a guinea pig gives you a nip, the is their method of telling you the something is not right. Friend might likewise need to display patience with some guinea pigs who often tend to it is in frightened in general. With time they will adjust to being her pet. What you need to avoid in ~ all prices is to scream at lock or to take care of them roughly. This will only make them much more frightened. If you feel like your guinea pig has end up being really aggressive then you should certainly take it come a vet.