Gecko lizards are among the most famous reptile pets. They’re basic to treatment for and also not as aggressive as various other lizards, therefore they space a great starter pet because that teen and also preteen kids. And also they are small enough to save in a bedroom terrarium. They’re so cute the a many of human being consider them the coolest that lizards.

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But lock do have actually a peculiar trait. Lock lick your eyes.

There are over 1,500 types of geckos approximately the world. And of every the reptiles they are amongst the easiest to have as a pet. These little lizards space not big enough to pose a threat to their organic predators, so they’ve arisen passive means to protect themselves. Provided the choice, they’ll run and also hide quite than fight. And because they room not wild lizards they are simple for even youngsters to handle and they are a an excellent starter pet.

So why do these cute little lizards lick their eyes?

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Do Gecko Lizards have actually Eyelids?


Not all Gecko lizards have actually eyelids. In fact, many geckos don’t have actually eyelids.

Some geckos, favor the leopard gecko, have actually moveable eyelids that work like people’s eyelids. These geckos can blink, and also they can close their eyelids when they sleep. They will lick your eyes but they perform it to remove something the is irritating their eye.

But geckos through moveable eyelids space not the majority.

Most geckos carry out not have eyelids. What they have actually is a transparent covering that protects your eyes. The covering is disc-shaped and it is called a brille. Once the lizard sheds the skin, it also sheds that is brille. So over there is a short time when the gecko can not blink and it additionally has problem seeing as it sheds.

People and animals have eyelids that protect and aid moisturize their eyes. When world blink, our eyelids whisk far debris and leave a movie of moisture the keeps our eye from dry out. And we have the right to close our eyelids to aid us sleep. But the major purpose of our eyelids is come clean, protect, and also moisturize our eyes.

For geckos v moveable eyelids, their eyelids role similar come ours. Their eyelids clean, protect, and moisturize your eyes.

But what about geckos that don’t have actually eyelids? exactly how do castle clean, protect, and moisturize their eyes? and also how perform they sleep when they can’t close their eyes?

I to be watching a gecko and noticed it preserved licking that eyes. The made me curious, therefore I decided to research study why gecko lizards lick your eyes.

Can Gecko Lizards Close their Eyes?

Some gecko lizards, choose the leopard gecko, have the right to close their eyes because they have actually moveable, functioning eyelids. However geckos through eyelids room the minority. Most geckos, favor the crested gecko, don’t have actually eyelids. What they have actually is a thin, clear membrane the protects their eyes and acts prefer a solved eyelid.

So also though castle don’t have actually working eyelids and can’t close your eyes, geckos room able to sleep without damaging their eyes.

If we could not close our eyes, we would certainly be in trouble. Our eyes would dry out in minutes and also we would start to construct a variety of eye diseases. Debris would scrape our eyes and also our vision would gain fuzzier and fuzzier. Within a short duration of time, the damages to ours eyes would certainly be irreversible.

Lizards that can’t close their eyes because they don’t have working eyelids are able to protect against eye damage by licking the membrane the covers your eyes.

Can Gecko Lizards Blink?


Whether it’s a person or a lizard, blinking is vital to eye health. Once we blink, us wash our eyes, and at the very same time, us leave a film that keeps our eye from dry out. And also blinking likewise protects our eyes from glowing lights.

Lizards room no various in their have to keep their eyes moist and clean. But without eyelids, most geckos have the right to not blink. Instead, they use their difficult tongue come wash and lubricate your eyes.

Technically, they space washing and also cleaning the brille that covers and protects your eyes.

Just think the the brille as a windshield and the lizard’s tongue as a windshield wiper. Once debris builds up on the windshield, it becomes harder to check out so us hit the windshield through wiper liquid then whisk that away through the wipers. The result is a clear and also clean windshield

This is what a gecko lizard does as soon as it licks its eyes.

How perform Gecko Lizards Sleep?

Geckos, just like people, need rest and also sleep. That is an essential to their in its entirety health. Therefore they uncover places like small caverns, holes, or beneath bark or foliage. These little areas provide the gecko with safety and protection as soon as sleeping.

Once they space in a ar that is safe enough to sleep, geckos through working eyelids will close them and sleep.

But geckos there is no eyelids can constrict their pupils till a sliver of irradiate can gain through. The mix of a tiny dark ar to sleep with constricted pupils reduces the number of visual stimuli that would save the gecko wake up to a minimum.

How execute You understand If A Gecko Lizard Is Sleeping?


Most gecko lizards space nocturnal, definition they are active at night and sleep throughout the day.

It’s necessary for them to get their rest, so you’ll want to know when castle are sleeping so you don’t annoy them.

With a crested gecko, a clue the it is sleeping is friend will see its eyelashes dropping or pointing down. And their eyes will look a little dull or glazed. The closestly I have the right to compare it come is once a human is dozing off. The eyes will have a dazed, unfocused look. Crested gecko lizards gain a similar look.

Geckos that don’t have lashes space harder come tell as soon as they space asleep. The flesh over their eyes will droop, yet it’s harder to see. And their eye will acquire the very same dull glaze look.

Once you’ve own a gecko because that a few weeks, you’ll understand it’s sleep patterns. Yet at first, when your gecko is inactive during the day, breath deep, and its eyes have a dull glazed look, it’s asleep.

Why carry out Gecko Lizards Lick your Eyes?

Geckos use their tongue to to wash their eyes.

Without eyelids, over there isn’t a means for a gecko come clean and also lubricate your eyes. It’s fortunate the they have long tongues.

By licking their eyes they accomplish what we accomplish by blinking. As their eyes dried or attract debris, they space cleaned and also lubricated with a quick swipe of the lizard’s tongue.

So licking your eyes keeps the gecko’s eyes healthy, and it’s entertaining to watch.

Gecko lizards room a great starter pet for children. They’re entertaining come watch, and also because they aren’t aggressive, lock are easy to handle. If you are searching for a pet that doesn’t need a many work or handling, a gecko is a an excellent choice. And also it will offer hours of to chat to her children.

One the the entertaining traits of a gecko is just how they lick your eyes to keep them clean and also moist.

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Even if lock don’t understand why they perform it, children love it as soon as their pet lizard licks that is eyes.