Brendon Urie has opened up up about the an initial Panic! at The Disco split, wherein he mutual that the departure of 2 of that members had a very huge impact ~ above him, both physically and mentally.

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In the third episode the Neighbourhood the Good, Urie’s partnership v State Farm, has displayed him stating what results Ryan Ross and Jon Walker’s leave from the group had on him.

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Speaking the the Walker and Ross’ decisions to leaving the group, Urie mutual he to be “very depressed.”

He likewise continued top top by saying that one of his mentors gave him a piece of advice, telling Urie the he essential to simply “show u” and “get the end of head.”

“The very first split that Panic! Had, ns was very depressed. I periodically wouldn’t leave my residence for weeks.

One the my greatest friends and also greatest mentors plunder Mathis, he stated “dude, just show up. If friend just show up, things will happen- this isn’t around you. Obtain out of her head.” 

And I just started getting here to the locations that world were questioning me to walk and great things started happening.

You know what matters? human being being happy.”

He ongoing the illustration by mentoring aspiring musicians at the Boys and Girls Club, which has been a accumulation from the very first two episode from Urie’s partnership v State Farm.

Watch the video below:

In other Panic!-related news, the band recently announced the second leg that their Pray because that The angry Tour. The north American tour will feature support from Two Feet.

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Check out a complete list of dates below and also grab her tickets here.

01/10 — Buffalo, NY
KeyBank Center01/12 — Laval, QC
location Bell01/13 — Manchester, NH
SNHU Arena01/15 — Albany, NY
time Union Center01/16 — Brooklyn, NY
Barclays Center01/18 — Newark, NJ
Prudential Center01/19 — Providence, RI
Dunkin’ Donuts Center01/20 — Washington, D.C.
resources One Arena01/22 — Charlotte, NC
Spectrum Center01/23 — Charlottesville, VA
john Paul Johns Arena01/25 — Nashville, TN
Bridgestone Arena01/26 — Cincinnati, five
U.S. Financial institution Arena01/27 — Milwaukee, WI
Wisconsin entertainment Center01/29 — cool Rapids, MI
The valve Andel Arena01/30 — Cleveland, five
Quicken loans Arena
02/01 — Omaha, NE
CenturyLink Center02/02 — Kansas City, MO
acceleration Center02/04 — Rosemont, IL
Allstate Arena02/05 — Saint Louis, MO
enterprise Center02/06 — Memphis, TN
FedExForum02/08 — Austin, TX
open minded Erwin Center02/09 — new Orleans, LA
Smoothie King Center02/12 — Albuquerque, NM
Tingley Coliseum02/14 — Anaheim, CA
Honda Center02/15 — Inglewood, CA
The Forum02/16 — mountain Diego, CA
Valley watch Casino Center02/19 — Oakland, CA
ORACLE Arena02/20 — Sacramento, CA
Golden1 Center