By 2010, Luke Bryan was enjoying his emerging nation music career with singles such as "All my Friends Say," "We speak In Trucks" and "Do I," but none that his early on singles had actually quite controlled to with the No. 1 spot. The all changed with the release of "Rain Is a good Thing," his an initial No. 1 from his Doin" my Thingalbum. In this tune, Bryan sings around all the an excellent thingsrain brings. Because that example, Bryan sings, "rain makes corn, corn renders whiskey, whiskey makes my baby feel a tiny frisky." The song is upbeat and tongue-in-cheek and also perfectly illustration Bryan"s feeling personality. Bryan co-wrote the track with Nashville songwriter Dallas Davidson, and the song evolved naturally native a an easy phrase the two artists would regularly say come one another.

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"Dallas and also I provided to have the saying, "Rain makes corn, and corn provides whiskey," and it was simply something we constantly said," Bryan told The Boot. "If we were a little bummed out around the rain, if we had actually a fishing expedition planned or something and a huge rain storm to be coming through, we"d be like, "Well, rain provides corn, and also corn provides whiskey," and that would sort of make us feel a little better about it."

Not only did the tune come from that an easy phrase, yet it was additionally inspired through Bryan"s upbringing ~ above a peanut farm yard in Georgia. Farmers room dependent ~ above rain to flourish their crops, and Bryan tapped into his suffer to write the song.

"Growing increase in Georgia, mine dad to be a farmer, and we worked in agriculture, so us were constantly looking up in ~ the sky, check if it to be raining or if rain was in the forecast," Bryan said. "And that always kind of set the tone because that the atmosphere in mine household, whether we had rain coming in or not. Or if it had actually rained, we knew the plants would be an excellent and it was going to it is in a great day or a an excellent week around the Bryan household."

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"Rain Is a great Thing" reached the No. 1 clues on the Billboard Hot nation Songs chart and became one anthem because that farmers and also country people alike. The solitary was followed by countless an ext hits for Bryan, including "Someone rather Calling girlfriend Baby," "I Don"t want This Night come End," "Play that Again," "Knockin" Boots," "One Margarita" and many more. The music video because that the song functions real farmers that speak around the prominence of their livelihood, and footage indigenous Bryan"s Welcome to the farm Tour.

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Bryan continues his assistance of farmer to today with his annual Farm Tour, i m sorry takes location at household farms throughout the country. His 2021 farm yard Tour kicks turn off in September and also will visit Wisconsin, Iowa, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio and also Michigan.

"Rain Is a good Thing" Lyrics:

My daddy invested his life lookin" up in ~ the sky He"d cuss absent the dust, sayin" kid it"s means to dry It clouds increase in the city, the weather male complains but where i come from, rain is a good thing

Rain provides corn, corn renders whiskey Whiskey renders my baby feel a small frisky ago roads space boggin" up, my buddies heap up in mine truck us hunt ours hunnies down, we take "em right into town start washin" all our issues down the drainpipe Rain is a good thing

Ain"t nothin" prefer a kiss out back in the barn Wringin" the end our soakin" clothes, ridin" the end a thunderstorm once the tin roof gets to talkin" it"s the finest love we"ve make Yeah whereby I come from, rain is a an excellent thing

Farmer Johnson does a little dance Creeks on the rise, roll up your pants nation girls, castle wanna cuddle children out playin" in a huge mud puddle