>> IT\u2019S A CHRISTMAS staple \"GRANDMA gained RUN over BY A REINDEER.\" RADIO D.J.s to be AFRAID to PLAY IT. People PICKETED OVER attack LYRICS. They MET UP v THE SONG\u2019S CREATOR who IS quiet TOPPING THE CHARTS. >> Reporter: IT\u2019S A CHRISTMAS CLASSIC. \u266b GRANDMA got RUN over BY A REINDEER WALKING residence ON CHRISTMAS night \u266b >> Reporter: IT began OUT as A JOKE. >> I thought IT would certainly BE FUNNY because that A YEAR and also THAT would BE THE end OF IT. FOR some REASON people REALLY LOVE THE SONG and PEOPLE quiet BUY IT, TOO. >> Reporter: IN THE LAST four DECADES, THE SONG has SOLD much more THAN 12 MILLION COPIES and also SPAWNED A MUSIC video AND A MOVIE. THE BIZARRE lyrics NUMBER ONE for THE last EIGHT mainly ON BILLBOARD\u2019S COMEDY DIGITAL CHARTS \u266b when WE uncovered HER CHRISTMAS MORNING \u266b >> AT age 83, DR. ELMO IS SEMIRETIRED however STILL PERFORMING ON vacation EXPRESS tourism MAKING A prevent IN EDISON come PLAY FOR kids WITH DISABILITIES. >> IT\u2019S THE most WONDERFUL thing YOU might EVER do AT CHRISTMAS TIME IS COME and also PLAY for OTHER world WHO DON\u2019T gain OUT MUCH. >> IT provides THE STUDENTS feel SO SPECIAL. That DOESN\u2019T desire TO feeling SPECIAL. >> DR. ELMO\u2019S following STOP ON vacation EXPRESS, A SOUP KITCHEN on ASBURY PARK CHRISTMAS eve AND","video_id":"1660003907883_324","video_length":"93427","video_provider":"mpx","short_video_excerpt":"","mpx_download_pid_mobile_low":"","pid_streaming_web_mobile_low":"","mpx_download_pid_mobile_standard":"","pid_streaming_web_mobile_standard":"","alleypack_schedule_unpublish":"","feed_remote_id":"mpx_1660003907883","feed_thumbnail_url":""}"data-livestream="false"data-title="‘Grandma got Run end by a Reindeer' 40th Anniversary"data-vidcid="1:2:2245830"data-vidurl="https://www.moment-g.com/news/local/grandma-got-run-over-by-a-reindeer-40th-anniversary/2245830/"data-islead="true"data-catnames=""1444":"On Air","1445":"As checked out On","634820":"Entertainment","261498":"Holidays","64":"News","65":"Local""data-tagnames=""659906":"as viewed on","2809":"Christmas","663241":"Elmo & Patsy","659224":"Holiday Season","39169":"holidays""data-customdata=""ContentPartner":"None","Source":"WEBFM","SyndicationAllowed":"true","mSNVideoCategories":"MSN video clip v4 Connector-most watched news","mSNVideoContentSupplierID":"NBC_Local","mSNVideoCountry":"us","subtitle":"nosubtitle","uploadedByTeam":"1","youtubeChannel":"None""data-autoplay="true"data-cplay="true">
‘Grandma obtained Run over by a Reindeer’ is celebrating its 40th anniversary, years after world picketed radio stations against the song."data-ellipsis="false">

"Grandma gained Run end by a Reindeer" might be contempt morbid for a Christmas song, yet it"s had actually staying strength for the last four decades.

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The iconic comedy tune by Elmo & Patsy has actually been No. 1 on Billboard"s Comedy Digital monitor Sales for the previous eight weeks. "It"s difficult to think after all these years that it stuck," the song"s composer and singer Elmo Shropshire called NBC new York Thursday.

Shropshire will certainly be performing the song for youngsters with disabilities in ~ the Lakeview school in Edison, brand-new Jersey, ~ above Thursday as part of a nonprofit holiday Express tour.

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The attractive tunes were released in 1979 and also the text wasn"t constantly popular. Shropshire recalled gift picketed in ~ a performance san Francisco.