Considering how big John Oliver’s personality shows up to be, it seems likely that it takes a fascinating person to it is in by his side at every turn.

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for a lengthy time, the leading voice in satirical news was Jon Stewart because of the success that The day-to-day Show. However, also though Trevor Noah has actually done a good job hosting The everyday Show since Stewart walked away from the series, it could easily be argued that man Oliver has actually taken the crown Jon as soon as wore.

together the hold of Last week Tonight, john Oliver has proven to have actually one the the greatest personalities in modern television. On peak of that, Oliver often seems simply as blunt and hilarious throughout the numerous interviews he has taken part in end the years.

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Considering how big John Oliver’s personality appears to be, it seems most likely that that takes a fascinating human being to be by his next at every turn. Through that in mind, it begs an noticeable question, that is john Oliver’s wife, Kate Norley.

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An interesting Introduction

Long prior to John Oliver became the organize of Last main Tonight, he operated on The daily Show as a correspondent. In that role, Oliver would on regular basis go out in the ar to record interviews in which that openly mocked human being directly to your faces. Unsurprisingly, a lot of former Daily present correspondents have spoken about things acquiring pretty hairy throughout interviews favor that.

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how amazing enough, Jonh Oliver once found himself in a rough case during his Daily Show tenure and also it had actually nothing to do with the sort of questions he asked. Instead, once Oliver to be trying to gain accessibility to politicians at the 2008 Republican nationwide Convention he gone into a limited area. Unfortunately, protection became conscious of Oliver’s presence and began persuing the planning to absent him out.

when Oliver and his camera crew tried to acquire away, they came across a group of veterans who hid them. Thankfully for Oliver, his future-wife Kate Norley was among that group and also they hit that off. Of course, that will likely come as a big surprise to human being that man Oliver is married come a republican however they seem very happy together.

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Kate’s Background

also though man Oliver is a famous and also highly successful celebrity, his wife Kate Norley is a lot an ext interesting than him. For example, also though it is admirable that man Oliver has become a grasp at informing his audience while making lock laugh, Norley is a much much more heroic person. After ~ all, Norley offered in Iraq together an army combat medic and just like some stars that have functioned to assistance veterans, Kate has end up being an activist for veteran’s rights.

In the past, man Oliver has actually talked about how lot he respects his wife’s service. “When did you do it married someone who’s gone to war, there is nothing you can do that compares to that level that selflessness and also bravery.” gift married to Norley has also readjusted the method Oliver look at the military, specifically after the couple went ~ above a USO tour in Afghanistan together. “If you don’t have actually anyone in your household who’s serving, friend can really easily think the we’re no at battle now. Yet we are. This is a country at war. There’s a huge disconnect in between America and also its military, and also being married to a veteran clears that disconnect in a an extremely substantial way.”

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Long before Kate Norley joined the military, she went with something that most human being can only imagine. In ~ 16-years-old, Norley to be traveling come a soccer video game on she bike when a driver lost manage of his vehicle and also struck her. After enduring “severe head trauma”, Norley lost all of her cognitive capability which expected that she had to discover to read and write once again.

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your Life Together

After john Oliver and also Kate Norley met in 2008, they started trading emails before they ended up being a couple. After dating for a while, Oliver and also Norley bound the node in 2011, had actually their very first son in 2015, and their 2nd in 2018. The said, aside from the truth that Oliver has been much more than happy to sing his wife’s praises in the past, the pair likes to store their private life under the hat.

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even though the public only knows the basics of man Oliver and Kate Norley’s private life, the doesn’t median that Kate is a an enig figure. After ~ all, the is known that as with a many other stars who provide back, Norley has donated a lot of her time and also money come worthy causes. For example, Norley is a component of Team Rubicon, a team that does a lot of good work. Follow to their website, Team Rubicon’s mission is "providing disaster relief come those influenced by organic disasters, it is in they residential or international. Through pairing the an abilities and experiences of armed forces veterans with very first responders, medical professionals, and modern technology solutions, aim to carry out the greatest service and impact possible".

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