The Flash's height speed is numerous orders the magnitude quicker than Quicksilver's height speed.

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The speed (all of DC's speedsters, actually) is associated to the rate Force, an extradimensional souce of strength that, at assorted times, has permitted them to fulfill or exceed the rate of light, and also at one point (with help, granted) come beat instantaneous teleportation.

Quicksilver's power comes specifically from his mutant genetics, and also his usual upper limit is around the rate of sound.

Beat instantaneous teleportation? perhaps I'm reasoning of Star Trek distances, but that'd be one boring journey in actual time because that the Flash.

There to be an worry of Quasar where the Runner, an elder obsessed v Speed, made decision to hold a race between every one of the more quickly speedsters on earth. He recruited Quicksilver, Makkari, rate Demon, black color Racer, speed Demon, supervisor Sabre and also Captain Marvel to take it part.

The gyeongju took place on a virtual race track that went from planet to the Moon. That was in between Quicksilver and also Makkari until the last stages, as soon as a new competitor come from one more dimension, and ran the whole race in seconds, trashing every the various other competitors.

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When lock asked who he was, that was declared to it is in an amensiac, but said his surname was something favor "buried alien" (Barry Allen)

Flash is faster in every dimensions the can connect to the speed Force, that goes quicker than the speed of light while Quicksilver just goes quicker than the rate of sound. However, Quicksilver doesn't require use that the speed Force. A follow-up inquiry I would have would be: Who's Faster: speed or Quicksilver with accessibility to the rate Force?

Yeah, it caused an exciting dynamic in JLA/Avengers - the Flash runs rings roughly Quicksilver in the DC Universe. In the Marvel Universe, wherein the Speed pressure doesn't exist, it's a whole various story.

Flash has a deeper connection to the Speed pressure (besides early on Flashes like Jay Garrick and Max Mercury) for this reason they would certainly have better speed 보다 Quicksilver


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