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"Tis Cinna; i do know him through his gait;He is a friend.Cinna, wherein haste girlfriend so?

Cinna. To uncover out you. Who"s that? Metellus Cimber?



Cassius. No, the is Casca; one incorporateTo ours attempts. Am I not stay"d for, Cinna?

Cinna. i am happy on "t. What a fearful night is this!There"s 2 or three of us have seen strange sights.



Cassius. to be I no stay"d for? tell me.

Cinna. Yes, girlfriend are.O Cassius, if you couldBut win the noble Brutus to our party—



Cassius. it is in you content: great Cinna, take this paper,And look girlfriend lay the in the praetor"s chair,Where Brutus may but find it; and also throw thisIn at his window; collection this up through waxUpon old Brutus" statue: every this done,Repair come Pompey"s porch, wherein you shall find us.Is Decius Brutus and Trebonius there?

Cinna. All but Metellus Cimber; and he"s goneTo look for you at your house. Well, I will certainly hie,And therefore bestow these files as you bade me.



Casca. No.

Cinna. O, pardon, sir, that doth; and also yon gray linesThat stress the clouds room messengers of day.



Casca. Let us not leave him out.

Cinna. No, through no means.



Brutus. through the eighth hour: is that the uttermost?

Cinna. Be the the uttermost, and also fail not then.



Brutus. that is address"d: press close to and second him.

Cinna. Casca, you are the very first that rears your hand.



Cassius. I might be well moved, if ns were together you:If I could pray come move, prayers would relocate me:But ns am continuous as the north star,Of who true-fix"d and resting qualityThere is no other in the firmament.The skies are painted v unnumber"d sparks,They room all fire and every one doth shine,But there"s but one in every doth host his place:So in the world; "tis furnish"d well with men,And men are flesh and also blood, and apprehensive;Yet in the number I perform know however oneThat unassailable holds on his rank,Unshaked the motion: and also that i am he,Let me a little show it, also in this;That ns was consistent Cimber should be banish"d,And continuous do remain to save him so.

Cinna. O Caesar,—



(stage directions). Dies

Cinna. Liberty! Freedom! Tyranny is dead!Run hence, proclaim, cry it about the streets.



Brutus. Where"s Publius?


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Here, quite confounded with this mutiny.

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