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In the fourth Harry Potter book, Harry Potter and the Goblet the Fire, Dobby gives Harry gillyweed right before the second task, if in the movie Neville gives Harry the gillyweed. Why did the movie producer/director make this change?



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Actually the decision of make Neville to offer Harry the gillyweed is not random, it is somewhat motivated by the books.

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I read somewhere that the decision to take Dobby the end was the high economical cost of make him show up virtually because that the function of one non-critical scene. Additionally we should remember the the producers do the film aided by JK Rowling, who was likely the human that provided them the idea to change Dobby through Neville to do the movie closer come the book.

Let"s dive into the books about the decision why Dobby was replaced by Neville:

Barty Crouch Jr, disguised as Alastor Moody by the polyjuice potion the entire academic year, put the surname of take care of on the Goblet of Fire in stimulate to make him take part of the vain and, on the 3rd task, lug him to Voldemort to take his blood and make Voldemort lively again.

However, in stimulate to accomplish that, Harry need to stay alive until the finish of the third task. On the an initial task Crouch Jr persuaded Hagrid to display the dragon to take care of and, after ~ that, the DADA"s professor assisted Harry to overcome the job using the broom.

After that, on a DADA class, Crouch Jr showed the students the unforgivable curses. Neville was in panic once the professor provided Cruciatus because that was the spell offered by Bellatrix Lestrange, Lestrange"s husband, husband"s brother and Crouch Jr come torture Neville"s parents nearly to death. Neville in panic is even presented on the films. After the class, Crouch Jr. Together an apology to do Neville suffer, offered him a botanical book due to the fact that he was great in Herbology. However, Crouch Jr target was the Harry request Neville exactly how to endure underwater and Neville would certainly advise him making use of gillyweed because Neville would have actually learned the while reading the book. However, Harry never asked Neville, so, Barty Crouch Jr notified Dobby, which he knew the was Harry"s friend, to execute something close come the professor if the professor was talking about the second task with Mc Gonagall and indirectly letting the elf hear about the gillyweed and also come to assist Harry, since this fact, Dobby in the book gave harry the gillyweed.

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Source: Barty Crouch Jr speak the written over in the finish of the book to Harry and Dumbledore after providing him Veritaserum to do him to only say the truth.