Summary: chapter V

He suddenly lost worry for himself. . . He was welded into a typical personality which to be dominatedby a solitary desire.

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After a it is too dirty wait, the foe soldiers attack and also Henry’sregiment begins to fire upon them. The captain stands behind Henry’sregiment shouting instructions. Together he deals with the risk of the progressing troops,Henry loses his feeling of gift a lone, miserable outcast and also beginsto conceive of himself as a single cog in a machine. The battle overshadowshis personality by making that one with his fellow soldiers, justas the instinct come fight overcomes his timid, intellectual musings.The fight rages and also Henry fires and reloads, fires and also reloads,in a continuing, automatically rhythm. A “red rage” overtakes the men,who singing a “wild, barbaric song” as they fight. The lieutenantbeats a soldier who tries come retreat native the prior line. The captainis shot and collapses. In ~ last, the adversary soldiers start to retreat.Henry’s regiment lets out a cheer and also the survivors heartily congratulateone another. Henry watch around; seeing the sun on the treetopsand the glowing blue sky, that is surprised that nature keeps ~ above going,with no regard because that the bloody events of the field.

. . . ~ above his confront there to be an astonishedand sorrowful look, as if he believed some friend had actually done that anill turn.

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Summary: thing VI

A quick while later, Henry awakes and feels delightedwith himself. He thinks he has survived the fear of battle andproved his courage. He and the other members the the regiment drawthemselves increase proudly and praise one another’s fortitude and valor,shaking hands in one ecstasy of shared self-satisfaction. Suddenly,someone cries the end that the adversary forces have actually renewed the charge.The men groan dejectedly and also prepare to repel the attack. This time,Henry does no feel together though that is component of a machine. That thinksthat the foe soldiers should be awe-inspiring men to have such persistence,and that panics. One through one, soldiers native Henry’s regiment beginto jump up and also flee native the line, and also after a moment, Henry tooruns away.

Henry to escape the battlefield, persuaded that at anymoment, the charging enemy horde will certainly burst out of the woodland andoverrun him. That darts previous a battery the gunmen, pitying lock theirposition in the route of the enemy. That skulks past a basic givingorders to his employee from atop a horse, and also feels the desire to throttlethe general for his incompetent dealing with of the battle. To his shock,he overhears the general declare that the opponent has been organized back.

Summary: chapter VII

Henry feel a suddenly resentment toward those in his regimentwho did not run but, rather, defeated the enemy without him; the feels betrayedby their stupidity. To assuage his very own feelings that guilt and also incompetence,he assures self that any thinking male would have realized thatthe best interest the the military lay in each soldier’s own self-preservation.Consumed by this rationalizations, the plunges into the woods. Nowfar from the battle, Henry feel comforted by nature. That tossesa pinecone in ~ a squirrel, and also the squirrel scampers into a tree.Henry considers this sequence proof the fleeing from risk isa natural, universal tendency. That stumbles into a forest grove whosehigh ceiling the leaves provides it resemble a chapel. Over there he discoversthe dead body of a soldier in a cake blue uniform much likeHenry’s. Ants swarm end the corpse’s face. Henry stares in shockfor a moment and also then runs from the glade, fifty percent expecting the corpseto cry out after him.

Analysis: Chapters V–VII

Henry’s ns of individuality in the warmth of battle markshis an initial experience through the nature the war and also its powerful effectupon the mind. He realizes the emptiness that his id that gloryis bestowed nearly automatically upon people who fulfill battlesquarely and fiercely once he observes “a singular absence of heroicposes.” Rather, he loses all sense of self and also fights with his fellowsoldiers as though all were contents of a single machine. Thissense the commonality permits Henry’s recognition of the better goodof the regiment to prevail over his selfish desire to stop death.

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The cheerful, self-congratulatory mood complying with the battleinitiates a cycle that repeats chin throughout the novel: when soldiers prevail, they feel confident and satisfied till forcedto struggle again, in ~ which allude their fearfulness returns; when theylose, they feel dejected and also unsure the themselves till they receivea possibility to fight again and also redeem themselves. Together the novel progresses,however, the regiment slowly hardens and also shares an progressively grimand controlled attitude toward combat, maintaining their emotionsin examine until the fighting is really over. In this way, the regimentof inexperienced soldiers matures right into a veteran unit.