The just thing you need to find out which pair of features finest characterizes a sound wave is to view the graph or it"s image on monitore. The correct is C.

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 Here is a graph that represents this fact, execute not pay attention in any type of index, simply look exactly how it works :)


The just thing you require to uncover out i m sorry pair the features finest characterizes a sound wave is to check out the graph or it"s image on monitore. The correct is C.

Steven carefully places a ????=1.95 kgm wooden block ~ above a frictionless ramp so the the block begins to slide down the ramp from

The forces that do non-zero occupational on the block space gravity and also normal reaction force


In this inquiry we have actually given,

mass of the wooden block,


angle between ramp and horizontal surface,


in this instance ramp is friction less so friction pressure will be zero and hence work-related done as result of friction pressure will it is in zero.

As wooden block is slide down because of gravity(gravity is pulling the block in bottom direction).

so two forces will plot on wooden block as it slides down the ramp that space gravity and also normal reaction force.

Therefore, the pressures that do non-zero job-related on the block are gravity and also normal reaction force.

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Which that the watch will show you a viewto theverySimilarPrint View?​
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What are you talking about
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What does it method for a substance to have a high reactivity
natima <27>
It conveniently combines with other substances or it burns in the existence of water.

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A car is travel at a rate of 30 m/s. The decelerates at a price of 12 m/s^2. Calculate the time taken for the auto to concerned
user100 <1>

The come your question is: t = 2.5 s



vo = 30 m/s

a = -12 m/s2

t = ?

vf = 0 m/s


vf = vo + at


0 m/s = 30 + (-12)t

Solve it because that t -30 = -12t

t = -30 / -12

t = 30/12 = 15/6 = 5/2

t = 2.5 s

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Read 2 an ext moment-g.coms
A 2.03 kg particle has actually a velocity (1.90 i - 2.91 j) m/s, and a 3.02 kg particle has a velocity (0.92 i 6.00 j) m/s. Discover the x c
hammer <34>






the velocity for centre that the mass


input the values right into the formula.


open the bracket


collect choose terms



total momentum


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