When you listen to the earliest Beatles albums, you space transported come a an easy time in absent history. Hear “I want to hold Your Hand,” the band’s first No. 1 U.S. Hit, it’s impossible to imagine this chaste gang walk on to document The White Album 5 years later.

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But those 5 years to be a life time for a tape whose every move was watched through fans and dissected through critics. By the time John Lennon was composing “Yer Blues” and Paul McCartney recording “Helter Skelter,” that innocence seemed long gone.

However, when the Fab 4 went their separate methods a few years later, nobody in the band had turned 30. In brief, they to be still really young men. It’s a reminder of how incredibly young — and, yes, chaste — castle were once they very first arrived in America (kicking off Beatlemania) in 1964.

The Beatles’ periods ranged indigenous George, 20, to Ringo, 23.



The Beatles tide at the crowd while in the us for their first US concerts, February 1964. | everyday Express/Hulton Archive/Getty Images

While The Beatles were young in ’64, they had been playing with each other for many years by then. Paul met John v a girlfriend in July 1957. John, a i was sure 17-year-old, to be performing in a band referred to as The Quarrymen. The more reserved Paul impression him v his understanding of music.

Soon after, John and also his bandmates invited Paul to sign up with The Quarrymen. Amazingly, picture of this earliest days (and even a couple of recordings) exist. Looking at john onstage in ~ 17, words “cocky” concerns mind, and also it’s most likely what impression Paul the an initial time he witnessed him play.

In the following 13 years, the Lennon-McCartney songwriting team would produce practically 300 tunes, though they never controlled their own catalog. However in those early days, nothing seem to matter except playing music and also wowing crowds with their initial songs.

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When they arrived in America, they had never also tried marijuana. It took a summer ’64 meeting through Bob Dylan to cross that item off their list.