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What execute you understand about simple chemistry? below are some funny facts about basic chemistry: Chemistry is the research of both matter and also energy. Chemists use the scientific method. There are numerous branches that chemistry, and chemistry is a hand-operated science. Chemistry is frequently used to produce products human being use and also to resolve real-world challenges. Read and also study these flashcards to learn much more about basic chemistry and take this quiz to check out what girlfriend learned.

MULTIPLE CHOICE:which ar of science studies the composition and structure that matter?A.Physics B.BiologyC.Chemistry D.Geology
The examine of chemicals,that,in general,do not contain carbon is traditionally referred to as what type of chemistry? A.BioB.Inorganic C.PhysicalD.Analytical
Which that the following would a chemist it is in most likely to study?A.a leaf floating top top waterB.a leaf changing color in autumnC.a leaf being puffy by the windD.a sheet being eaten by insects
Which the the following finest describes an example of pure chemistry? A.testing the effects of lower concentrations that a medicine on humansB.studying chemistry containing carbonC.developing a cure because that osteoporosisD.finding one antidote for a brand-new strain that virus
Which that the folowing declaration is false? A.knowledge that chemistry permits the public come make notified decisionsB.studying chemistry ensures that officials do correct selections in resources technologyC.knowledge that chemistry helps prepare human being for careers in soil scienceD.chemistry describes many aspects of nature
Which of the complying with is an example of a existing research emphasis in chemistry? A.development of exhilaration detectors for typical useB.using hook-and-loop ice cream in the clothes industryC.applying gene treatment to treat details diseasesD.studying coal combustion as an power source
Which of the adhering to can be observed just in a miscroscopic view? A.foam insulationB.x-ray the knee jointC.shape that a soybean plantD.structure of a muscle cell
Which that the following was a major contribution come chemistry by Antoine Lavoisier? A.he verified that oxygen is forced for material to burnB.he demonstrated the existence of phloghiston in airC.he encouraged scienntists to type explanations based upon philosophical argumentsD.he arisen the science of alchemy
One characteristic of a scientific theory is that__ A.it have the right to never be provedB.it can be provedC.it can not be modifiedD.it summarizes a collection of observations
A concept is a __A.proposed explanation for an observationB.well-tested explanation for a broad collection of observationsC.summary that the outcomes of plenty of observationsD.procedure provided to check a proposed explanation

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Which step in the scientific technique requires girlfriend to usage your senses to attain information?A.revising a hypothesisB.designing an experimentC.making one observationD.stating a theory