describes what wake up every time in a situation. C. A scientific regulation is continually modified. D. A scientific regulation is developed without experimentation

The exactly is B. A clinical law describes what occurs every time in a situation.

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In science and also all differents the belong come it such together chemistry, physics or astronomy, a scientific law refers come a statement the describes an event or phenomenon and that is continuous all times. Indeed, scientific regulations are created based upon multiple comparable experiments or observations that present the results are regular or the exact same phenomenon wake up in the same method under the very same conditions. Therefore, the explain that defines a scientific legislation is the it "describes what occurs every time in a situation" as it concentrates on a phenomenon that occurs, in the same way, every time.

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Anyone can assist me out through this concern ? simply number 2,
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- 21⁰C .


Speed that jet = 2.05 x 10³ km /h

= 2050 x 1000 / (60 x 60 ) m /s

= 569.44 m / s

Mach no represents times of speed of sound , the rate of jet

1.79 x rate of sound = 569.44

speed the sound = 318.12 m /s

speed that sound in ~ 20⁰C = 343 m /s

Difference = 343 - 318.12 = 24.88⁰C

We recognize that 1 ⁰C change in temperature transforms speed of sound

by .61 m /s

So a readjust in rate of 24.88 will certainly be created by a adjust in temperature that

24.88 / .61

= 41⁰C

temperature = 20 - 41 = - 21⁰C .

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based on this scatter plot,whatcan you say around the relationship between study time and also test scores?
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Based on this scatter plot, I can say that in general, test scores vary directly with research time. In various other words, in a population big enough to expose the direct relationship, the an ext time a college student spends studying, the greater that student"s test scores will certainly be.

I didn"t need a scatter plot to disclose that come me. That"s nearly in the group of Law given to Moses in ~ Sinai.

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A 0.25 kg beach sphere rolling in ~ a speed of 7 m/s collides through a heavy exercise sphere at rest. The beach round bounces straight earlier with a rate of 4 m/s. That is the readjust in inert of the beach ball? What is the advertise exerted on the coast ball? What is the advertise exerted top top the exercise ball?


the is impulse grenade indigenous fortnite

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A ball is given an early velocity the 160ft/s right up. Use g = -32ft/s^2
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A) 10 s

B) -64 ft/s

C) 400 ft

D) 336 ft


This described situation is concerned vertical motion, and the main equations because that this situation are as follows:





is the height the the round at a given time

is the initial elevation of the sphere

is the early stage velocity the the ball

is the time

is the acceleration as result of gravity on Earth (directed downwards)

is the final velocity the the round at a provided time

Now let"s begin with the moment-g.coms:

A) total time the the sphere in the air

In this case we will use equation (1) to calculation the total time the sphere was in the waiting (since it to be thrown directly up until it hit the ground) through the complying with condition:

presume the initial and the last height is zero








B) Velocity at 7 s

In this part we will use equation (2) in order to uncover the last velocity of the ball when





(9) The an unfavorable sign indicates the velocity is directed downwards

C) preferably height

The elevation of the ball has actually its maximum value as soon as

, just in the moment at the top of the movement, prior to the begining of the totally free fall.