What is preventive maintenance?

Preventive maintenance (or preventative maintenance) is maintenance that is frequently performed ~ above a piece of equipment to diminish the likelihood of that failing. That is regimen maintenance that is scheduled based on data insights. A preventative maintenance task is performed while the devices is still working so the does not malfunction unexpectedly and create unplanned downtime. In regards to the intricacy of this maintain strategy, that falls in between reactive maintenance (or run-to-failure ) and also predictive maintenance.

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Build your own preventive maintenance schedule with this template

Types of preventive maintenance

Preventive maintenance deserve to be scheduled on a time, usage, or condition-based trigger. Let"s look at an instance for each.

Time-based preventative maintenance

A time-based strategy schedules a preventive maintenance task using a set time interval, such together every 10 days. Various other examples incorporate triggering precautionary maintenance (like a consistent inspection the critical) ~ above the first day that every month or as soon as in a three-month period.

Usage-based preventative maintenance

Usage-based precautionary maintenance cause a maintenance activity when asset consumption hits a details benchmark. This can incorporate after a certain number of kilometres, hours, or manufacturing cycles. An instance of this create is program maintenance being reserved on a motor vehicle every 10,000km.

Condition based preventive maintenance

Condition based maintain is a kind of proactive maintenance. It"s a maintenance strategy that monitors the actual condition of an legacy to determine what a maintenance task needs to be done. Problem based maintain dictates the maintenance must only it is in performed when specific indicators display signs of decreasing performance or upcoming failure. Because that example, preventative maintenance will be scheduled when vibration ~ above a details component get a specific threshold, indicating that it need to be replaced or lubricated.


Suitable preventive maintenance applications

Assets suitable for preventive maintenance incorporate those that:

have failure settings that have the right to be prevent (and no increased) with continual maintenance have actually a likelihood of fail that rises with time or usage Are an important to production, operations, or health and safety

Unsuitable precautionary maintenance applications

Assets that space unsuitable for preventative maintenance incorporate those that:

have random failure that space unrelated to maintain (such together circuit boards) carry out not serve a crucial function call for costly repairs that are much more expensive 보다 running that to failure

Preventive maintain planning

Planning much more preventive maintenance or corrective maintenance isn"t constantly better. Act PMs just to boost your planned maintenance percentage can be costly and also lead to post-maintenance breakdowns.

A an excellent preventive maintenance plan is all about fine-tuning the frequency that PMs—which how frequently you schedule a precautionary maintenance task. It"s crucial to find the ideal balance between doing a booked maintenance task too often (expensive and also risky) and also not often sufficient (you"re most likely to miss out on failures between inspections).

One way to hone your preventive maintenance schedule is to follow the PDCA model:

Plan: produce a baseline for PM frequencies by spring at recommended OEM guidelines, fix histories, criticality, usage patterns because that equipment, and also equipment fail Do: follow your setup consistently for precise results Check: look at at fail metrics for each heritage to identify if your arrangement is functioning Act: rise the frequency that PMs if an heritage is break down between maintenance task and alleviate the frequency if you are not detect failures in between PMs

Planning preventative maintenance there is no the assist of a computerized maintenance administration system or CMMS software deserve to be a substantial challenge. Since PMs are triggered after a certain amount the time or use, it"s daunting (almost impossible) come track the data manually, particularly if you"re handle with plenty of pieces of an important equipment. Maintenance software permits you to set PMs follow to the triggers that are proper for each piece of equipment. As soon as the trigger occurs, a job-related order will be created.

Preventive maintenance software program also enables organizations to conference data on precautionary maintenance work-related orders to report top top or optimize those activities, and collection maintenance KPIs to job-related towards. AI-powered work order software application takes this evaluation to the next level by wicker through thousands of PMs to discover the ones the are resulting in breakdowns, delays, and other difficulties so you can fix castle quickly.

Ditch reactive maintenance with this preventive maintenance checklist design template

Advantages of preventative maintenance

A preventive maintenance strategy has actually many advantages over less complicated strategies

Planning is the biggest advantage of a preventive maintenance regimen over less complex strategies.

Unplanned, reactive maintenance has countless overhead prices that deserve to be avoided during the planning process. The price of unplanned maintenance has lost production, greater costs for parts and also shipping, and also time shed responding to emergencies and diagnosing faults while devices is no working. Unplanned maintenance generally costs three to nine times an ext than to plan maintenance.

When you have actually a maintain plan, it"s basic to mitigate the maintenance price of her program. Equipment can it is in shut down to coincide with manufacturing downtime. Before the shutdown, any kind of required parts, supplies and personnel can be gathered come minimize the time taken because that a repair. These proactive maintenance steps decrease the complete cost of maintenance activities. Security is likewise improved since equipment breaks down less regularly than in less complex strategies.

A preventive maintenance regimen does not require problem based monitoring.

This eliminates the require (and cost) come conduct and interpret problem monitoring data and act ~ above the results of the interpretation. It likewise eliminates the should own and use condition monitoring equipment.

Disadvantages of preventive maintenance

Preventive maintenance disadvantages contrasted with less complicated strategies

Unlike reactive maintenance, preventive maintenance calls for maintenance planning.

Preventive maintenance planning calls for an investment in time and resources that is not required with less facility maintenance strategies.

Maintenance may occur too regularly with a preventive maintenance program. Unless, and until the maintenance frequencies room optimized because that minimum maintenance, too lot or too tiny preventive maintenance will occur.

The frequency of preventive maintenance is most likely to be also high.

This frequency have the right to be lowered, there is no sacrificing reliability when condition monitoring and analysis are used. The decrease in maintenance frequency is balance out by the added costs associated with conducting problem monitoring.

What is preventive maintenance software?

Preventive maintenance software permits you to schedule maintenance, send advises to the right civilization when a job is due, and increase source access and also allocation that make planned tasks faster and an ext effective. Together a result, you"re able to streamline procedures that assist preventive maintenance flourish.

Types of precautionary maintenance software

Preventive maintenance software comes in every shapes and also sizes, indigenous extremely devoted systems to giant platforms connecting maintain to other company units. Below are the most common species of precautionary maintenance software.

1) Computerized maintenance monitoring systems (CMMS)

CMMS software and also maintenance apps help maintenance groups keep in-depth and centralized records of all assets, equipment, and also completed work. A CMMS enables facilities to plan, track, and optimize work-related order, inventory and also everything else linked with maintenance.

The main duties that a CMMS include:

producing a preventive maintenance schedule creating reports and auditing records Resourcing and also routing Workflow procedure and management giving operating and also repair accuse

A CMMS manages all the maintenance tasks that take it place throughout the operational part of one asset"s life. At the same time, this form of preventative maintenance software application works as a productive part of a facility.

All CMMS preventive maintenance software have the right to be separated into two groups: Cloud-based CMMS software and on-premise CMMS software. For a closer look into the differences between the two varieties of CMMS, and also the pros and cons of each system, download our an extensive ebook here.

2) companies asset management (EAM)

EAM software provides a holistic watch of an organization"s physics assets and infrastructure throughout its whole lifecycle, from design and procurement, come operation, maintenance, disposal, and replacement. EAM systems document asset information, manage work orders, coordinate inventory purchasing and usage, to organize labour, monitor contracts, measure up costs and also spending, and also calculate KPIs.

3) Enterprise resource planning (ERP)

Here"s exactly how ERP software program works: every firm has different business units that make that function, choose accounting, human resources, and maintenance. ERP software application takes everything these various departments do and also connects them, so the whole organization has the exact same processes and also information.

Because over there is one, central place for every data, it method an accountant, a salesperson, a maintenance technician, and a CEO have the right to all usage the system for your day-to-day activities while relying on the same details to plan, assess, and also complete those activities. Through collecting transactional data indigenous multiple sources, ERP systems get rid of data duplication, uses data integrity, and provides a solitary source the truth.

While it"s not exactly maintenance software, ERP solution are part of the larger maintenance technology ecosystem. It"s important for maintenance modern technology to be able to integrate v an ERP system to help keep exact inventory levels, and also keep your finance team in the loop.

There space a host of other preventive maintenance technologies used in asset-heavy, production and also manufacturing facilities. We placed together a considerable list right here if you desire to learn an ext about your options.

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The bottom line: preventive maintenance renders a big impact

Preventive maintenance, or PM, is regular, planned maintain that is booked according to usage or time-based triggers. The function of afternoon is come lessen the likelihood of tools breakdowns. There are countless instances in which preventive is the best maintenance strategy to use, and also it"s much easier to carry out a afternoon strategy v the assist of maintenance software, like CMMS software.