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indigenous 2007 Unit B: Editing papers TRUE/FALSE 1. Friend can select text and also then traction it to a new location using the mouse. REF:Word 262. The critical item copied from a record is save on computer on the mechanism Clipboard. REF:Word 263. The last item you reduced or copy indigenous a record is added to both the Office Clipboard and also the mechanism Clipboard. REF:Word 264. The Clipboard job pane opens up automatically any type of time you reduced or copy text. REF:Word 305. When you select the Match situation check crate in the Find and also Replace dialog box, Word finds only exact matches for uppercase and also lowercase characters as gone into in the uncover what text box. REF:Word 326. If word flags a word as misspelled that is order correctly, right-click the word and then click accept Spelling. REF:Word 347. The AutoCorrect feature instantly corrects all your spelling and also grammar errors as you type. REF:Word 358. Indigenous inserts an AutoCorrect entry only after you press . REF:Word 35MULTIPLE an option 1. I beg your pardon command is supplied to produce a new document that is a copy of the original? a. Save c. More Documents b. Conserve As d. Brand-new From existing REF:Word 262. "Cut and also paste" describes what operation? a. Copying message b. Deleting text REF:Word 26c. Replacing text d. Relocating text 3. What is the keyboard shortcut because that cutting text? a. c. b. d. REF:Word 274. What is the key-board shortcut for pasting text? a. c. b.

d. REF:Word 275. What is the keyboard shortcut for copying text? a. c. b. d. REF:Word 276. Where are the Word key-board shortcuts listed? a. In the Word read Me document c. In the faster way task pane b. On words menus d. In word ScreenTips REF:Word 277. What happens as soon as text is dragged come a brand-new location in the document? a. The message is stored on the Clipboard. C. The text is deleted from the document. B. The formatting the the text changes. D. The message is moved to the new location. REF:Word 268. I beg your pardon command is supplied to insert message that is save on the Clipboard right into a document? a. Paste c. Change b. Office Clipboard d. Insert REF:Word 269. I m sorry of the complying with is no a way to include the selected text to the Clipboard? a. Press . B. Click the Copy button. C. Press and also drag the text to a new location. D. Press . REF:Word 26 | word 2710. I m sorry of the complying with does not occur when friend copy text and also then click the dough button? a. The pasted text is removed from the Office Clipboard. B. The Paste alternatives button appears. C. The text is inserted at the location of the insertion point. D. The text you replicated remains in its original location. REF:Word 3011. What is the function of the Paste options button? a. To copy the text to the Clipboard. B. To paste the text at the place of the insertion point. C. To dough the message as a hyperlink. D. To change the formatting the pasted text. REF:Word 2812. Which command is supplied to display two different parts the the same paper in the record window? a. Scroll c. Arrange every b. Break-up d. Window REF:Word 2813. What happens as soon as you click an object on the Office Clipboard? a. The article is relocated to the system Clipboard. B. A ScreenTip appears. C. The item is deleted from the Office Clipboard. D. The items is pasted in the record at the ar of the insertion point. REF:Word 3014. What type of items deserve to be stored on the Office Clipboard? a. Items collected from Word just b. Items accumulated from any Office program c. Items accumulated from any kind of word processing program d. Items gathered from any kind of word handling or graphic routine REF:Word 3015. What happens as soon as you add a 25th item to the Office Clipboard? a. The critical item the deleted. B. The very first item is deleted. C. A dialog crate opens. D. Friend cannot include a 25th item to the Office Clipboard. REF:Word 3016. Just how do friend delete an individual item from the Office Clipboard? a. Click the list arrowhead next to the item, then click Delete. B. Choose the item, then press the Delete key. C. Click Clear every in the Clipboard task pane. D. Paste the item in the document. REF:Word 3017. I m sorry of the following statements is no true of the Office Clipboard? a. The last item built up from a paper is presented at the bottom of the Clipboard task pane. B. You can use the Paste switch to insert the critical item gathered from the Office Clipboard right into a document. C. The critical item accumulated is also stored top top the mechanism Clipboard. D. Items remain on the Office Clipboard after you dough them. REF:Word 3018. Which attribute would you usage to find and also insert a synonym for an overused word? a. Spelling and also Grammar c. Find and also Replace b. Thesaurus REF:d. AutoCorrect native 3619. Which feature could you usage to highlight all instances that a native in a document? a. Spelling and also Grammar c. Thesaurus b. Find and Replace d. AutoCorrect REF:Word 3220. Which function would you usage to exactly words the you commonly misspell as you type? a. Spelling and Grammar c. Find and Replace b. Thesaurus d. AutoCorrect REF:Word 3521. If a paper window had been split into 2 panes, how can you gain back the window to a single pane? a. Right-click one of the panes and also click nearby Pane. B. Double-click the separation bar. C. Click the split button in the home window group top top the check out tab. D. Traction the separation bar to the bottom of the document. REF:Word 2822. How do you display the Office Clipboard? a. Cut or copy text. B. Click Clipboard top top the Quick accessibility toolbar. C. Click the Clipboard button on the watch tab. D. Click the laucher in the Clipboard team on the home tab. REF:Word 3023. What command deserve to you use to conveniently move the insertion suggest to a specific location? a. Discover command c. Next command b. Walk To command d. Find for command REF:Word 3224. What resources does the study task pane provide access to? a. Dictionary c. Translations b. Encyclopedias d. Every one of the above REF:Word 3625. Just how do friend add easily accessible resources native the study task pane? a. Click Insert source c. Click the research task pane list arrowhead b. Click Research choices d. Click the Go switch REF:Word 3626. What perform you call casual journal that is produced by an separation, personal, instance or a group and made obtainable to the general public on the Internet? a. Blog c. Net page b. Internet journal d. Chat REF:Word 37 27. By default, Word instantly creates a hyperlink come which that the following? a. The words her Name c. The name of a firm with a internet page b. The surname of a web site d. An e-mail resolve REF:Word 3828. Which command carry out you use if you want to do a record read-only so it can not be modified by viewers? a. File Inspector c. Note as last b. Compatibility Checker d. Prepare REF:Word 4029. Where have the right to you check out a summary of information about your document? a. Record Information dashboard c. Compatibility Checker b. Watch tab d. File Inspector REF:Word 4130. Which tab in the nature dialog box shows the date and also time a file was developed or last modified? a. Statistics c. Contents b. Basic d. Review REF:Word 41MATCHING In the number below, enhance each label with the explain that ideal describes it.1. 2. 3. 4.Opens the Clipboard job pane. Clears text indigenous the paper and locations it top top the Clipboard. Copies text. Reverses the last adjust made to a document. 1. 2. 3. 4.REF: REF: REF: REF:Word 30 native 26 word 28 native 26In the figure below, complement each label v the declare that best describes it.5. 6. 7. 8. 5. 6. 7. 8.The last item collected to the Clipboard. Shows the routine from i beg your pardon the item to be collected. The very first item collected to the Clipboard. Resizes or moves the job pane. REF: REF: REF: REF:Word 30 | indigenous 31 native 30 native 30 | word 31 indigenous 31 introduce to the figure below, complement each find and also replace example with the proper search option.9. 10. 11. 12. 9. 10. 11.

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12.Use to replace "President" however not "president." use to change "there" and "their." use to kind replacement text. Use to change "red" yet not "redo." REF: REF: REF: REF:Word 33 indigenous 33 word 32 | native 33 indigenous 33