1. Which type of port transmits both digital audio and also digital video clip with a solitary connector?a. S-Video b. DVI c. HDMId. VGA

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2. I beg your pardon of the complying with is an audio port that connects to an outside home theater audio system, providing digital audio output?a. S/PDIFb. FireWirec. Thunderboltd. ESATA

3. I m sorry of the adhering to is not true the a motherboard?a. Additionally called a device board b. Has actually a CPU socket c. Has actually a warmth sink top top the PCIe slotsd. Has actually slots because that DIMMs

4. Which component probably has a dual-voltage selector switch, and also has cables that connect to the motherboard and also drives?a. HDDb. PSU c. DIMMd. PCIe

5. I m sorry is the most common kind factor offered today for computer cases, strength supplies, and also motherboards?a. In ~ b. ATX c. ATCd. ATI

6. If you have a PCI Express version 2 video card, how countless pins will certainly the strength connector have actually if the card requires extra power?a. 4 b. 2 c. 5 d. 8

9. I beg your pardon unit of electrical power measures electrical force and also 115 is a usual value?a. Ampb. Ohmc. Voltd. Watt

10. I beg your pardon of the adhering to is true about AC electricity?a. In the U.S. It oscillates at 120 Hzb. It travel from a hot line and returns ~ above a neutral linec. It always takes the route of highest resistanced. The hot line is always grounded

11. I beg your pardon of the following is true around an FRU?a. They space not important for the computer"s operationb. All types can be easily disposed the in any kind of trash canc. It"s quickly repaired by a support techniciand. A assistance technician need to know how to replace one

12. What is a an outcome of two objects through dissimilar electric charges touching?a. LCDb. ESDc. EMId. CRT

13. What device can aid discover and report computer errors and conflicts that take place when you very first turn ~ above a computer and before the operating mechanism is launched?a. POSTcardb. ROM modulec. BIOS memoryd. CMOS firmware

14. I beg your pardon general-purpose tool can measure qualities of electrical power in a selection of devices?a. Loopback plugb. POSTcardc. Multimeterd. Cable tester

15. I beg your pardon of the complying with is the 2nd step in opening the situation of a functioning computer?a. Press and also hold down the power switch for a momentb. Ago up essential datac. Power under the system and also unplug itd. Open up the instance cover

16. To what need to you normally clip the ground bracelet before you job-related inside the computer case?a. The grounding plug ~ above the strength cordb. An AC outletc. The next of the computer cased. The top of the strength supply

17. What perform you contact a connector ~ above a motherboard that is composed of pins that stick increase from the board?a. Jumperb. Socketc. Afternoon arrayd. Header

18. I beg your pardon of the following can be described as round plastic or metal pegs that different the motherboard indigenous the bottom the the case?a. Headerb. Standoffc. Insulatord. Elevator

19. I beg your pardon of the following is true about installing the motherboard and connecting power?a. Over there are frequently three screw to adjust that hold the motherboard to the caseb. You have the right to use an adapter to transform two 6-pin connectors come a PCIe connectorc. The P1 connector is offered for PCIe devicesd. A 4-pin strength cord gives supplemental power to the processor

20. I m sorry of the complying with is the Intel maximum degree limit for processors?a. 185 Fb. 155 cc. 90 Fd. 32 c

21. Which product is a cooler the sits atop the CPU most most likely made of?a. Brassb. Copperc. Steeld. Lead

22. What is placed in between the bottom the the cooler heat sink and the top of the processor that makes an airtight connection between the fan and processor?a. Fan shieldb. Steel finsc. High-density oild. Heat compound

23 . Along with the processor, what other maker is the highest warmth producer in the system?a. BIOS chipb. Video cardc. Disc controllerd. Riser card

24. Under what situation is a liquid cooling system most most likely used?a. Overclockingb. Dual-core processingc. Multiple difficult disks installedd. Onboard graphics controller

25. If your computer is in a dirty, dusty environment, what tool have to you use periodically to protect against overheating?a. All-purpose cleanerb. Chip extractorc. Compressed aird. Wet cloth

26. What identify the physical size of a strength supply and the location of screw holes?a. Wattage ratingb. Manufacturerc. Kind factord. Variety of connectors

27. I beg your pardon of the adhering to is true around fans in the computer system?a. They are not found in the power supply caseb. Larger fans have tendency to run quieterc. They"re normally not needed if your room is cool enoughd. They constantly run in ~ a addressed speed

28. I m sorry of the complying with is a consideration when purchasing a strength supply through the correct wattage?a. DIMMs attract the most powerb. Motherboards v CPU tend to draw around the same as a SATA drivec. Fans attract as lot power as a video clip cardd. The power supply have to be rated 30% greater than your needs

29. What is the result of making use of a 3-pin pan connector top top a 4-pin header on the motherboard?a. The fan will certainly not run at allb. The pan runs at half speedc. The fan rate cannot be controlledd. You will certainly not it is in able to connect the fan connector

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30. What walk a little triangle embedded on a connector signify?a. Usage caution when using the connectorb. The wire nearest the triangle is pin 1c. The pin near the triangle should be matched through a circular pind. The connector is optional and also need not be attached