"Presence of fucoxanthin" is the one characteristic among the following choices given in the question that identifies brown algae. The correct option among all the options that are given in the question is the third option or choice "C". I hope that this is the answer that has actually actually involved your help. 

option C


The brown algae appears brown because of the dominance of the xanthophyll pigment well-known as fucoxanthin, which helps in the synthesis of the chlorophyll a and also c, various other xanthophylls and beta carotene.

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The food to make reservation are facility polysaccharide, higher alcohols and sugars.The walls of this birds is made up of heteropolysaccharide.

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Green algae are a group of birds whose main photosynthetic pigments space chlorophylls a and also b. As their surname suggests, environment-friendly algae are usually green in color.

They encompass a selection of organisms ranging in dimension from a couple of micrometers to more than one meter in size and with many different aspects.

Diatoms constitute the mass of maritime phytoplankton. That cell is composed of 2 siliceous valves imbricated one inside the other, like a box through its lid; lock constitute the Frustule. The two components are often joined by a strapping.

Each cell contains a nucleus and cytoplasm, in i beg your pardon we uncover chlorophyll and also xantophyll (and other pigments) that offer respectively greenish and also yellowish (golden), as well as oily corpuscles: the pyrenoids.

A red tide is a kind of birds bloom originating indigenous a reasonably rapid proliferation of the concentration of these algae dubbed fire algae, microorganisms frequently assimilated come microalgae and also grouped in phytoplankton, in any body the water. This overgrowth usually outcomes in a color of the water in red.

This phenomenon is fully natural and also occurs as soon as the temperature, the durations of sunshine and the naval currents are favorable. An ext than 300 types are at the beginning of the red tides and also at least 80 space toxic.

Pheophyceae, or brown algae, are almost exclusively marine. Since of their size and abundance, few of them pat a very important role in the vegetation that the various seas. The considerable stands the Laminariales are residence to a diverse fauna the edible fish and crustaceans that administer abundant food. In addition to commercial uses, it need to be provided that in Japan some Laminaria room widely exploited for human consumption as kombu.

Red algae, or rhodophytes (Rhodophyta division), are a huge taxon of largely marine algae, many of them multicell (most of them are sessile, the is come say the they build on any kind of substrate ).

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They are identified by a pigment composition with a single form of chlorophyll, chlorophyll a, carotenoids and characteristic pigments, phycobiliproteins.