The canister purge solenoid avoids harmful vapor native releasing into the atmosphere. A faulty solenoid will not enable you to pass an emissions test.

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Step 2: advanced the hood and also locate the canister purge solenoid. On many vehicles, this ingredient is located on height of the engine, or close to the rear of the fuel system.

It will have an electrical harness and two vacuum lines attached.

One of the vacuum lines operation to the fuel injector rail, if the other is attached come the EVAP canister located near the fuel cell. Situate this component and also match it with your replacement component before removing.


Step 3: eliminate the electrical harness. As soon as you"ve located the correct part, disconnect the electrical harness that is attached come the canister purge solenoid.

Step 4: remove the vacuum lines. A an excellent tip that plenty of experienced mechanics recognize is to mark the ar of each vacuum heat so the you don"t install them backwards.

Tip: usage either colored masking ice or two various colored zip ties to recognize which vacuum heat secures come the different male fittings.

Once you"ve clearly marked these, remove them follow to the referrals in your business manual.


Step 5: remove the canister purge solenoid. This ingredient is commonly secured to a bracket close to the fuel injector rail or the firewall through a 10mm size bolt. Eliminate the bolt and also remove the old canister purge solenoid indigenous the vehicle.

Step 6: install the new canister purge solenoid. Surroundings of this component is in turning back of the removal. Follow these basic guidelines but constantly refer come the particular instructions in your vehicle service manual.

Place new vacuum hoses on the canister purge solenoid (if the old ones space frayed). Download the brand-new canister purge solenoid by securing it to the bracket with the bolt. Install the vacuum present on the correct masculine fittings and also reinstall the electric harness.

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Once the new canister purge solenoid has actually been secured come your car correctly, check the vacuum lines one last time come verify they to be not mounted backwards. Not correct installation can an outcome in major engine damage.

Step 7: clean error codes. Reconnect the battery cables and start the vehicle. Clear any type of error codes with a scan tool.

Step 8: test the vehicle. Start the vehicle and also let it heat up to operating temperature. Check the dashboard to verify the the inspect Engine light does not come on. If the does, you have to shut the car off and also complete a diagnostic scan.

After verifying that the check Engine or various other lights room gone, close up door the vehicle off and also remove the gas cap. This test will verify the the vacuum is working. If you eliminate the gas cap and also there is a tremendous amount that vacuum pressure, re-check the present you linked to the canister purge solenoid as they may be crossed.

This project is reasonably simple to complete; however, if you"ve review these instructions and still don"t feeling 100% confident in perfect this repair, please contact one that the regional ASE certified mechanics indigenous to finish the canister purge solenoid replacement for you.