The old Sky tower is the home of the elusive legend Pokémon, Rayquaza. Friend will need to wake Rayquaza in stimulate to prevent the destructive battle between Kyogre and also Groudon. Waking Rayquaza will likewise give you the ability to record him for her team. See step 1 below to learn just how to do both.

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Go come Sootopolis City. In order come unlock the skies Pillar, girlfriend will need to talk come Wallace in Sootopolis City. Girlfriend will need a Pokémon v the Dive and Surf capability in bespeak to accessibility it.You can acquire Surf in Petalburg City and Dive in Mossdeep City after ~ beating every of the Gym leaders.You will need to complete the events with Team Aqua the awakens Kyogre before you have the right to continue.Go to course 126 in the southeastern next of the map.Surf to the southern side that the volcano climbing out that the water. Dive in a dark spot of the water.Enter the opened on the southern edge the the volcano underwater. Top top the other side the the opening, use dive again to go into Sootopolis City.Find Wallace. Wallace have the right to be uncovered in the cave of Origin, i m sorry is situated on the north shore of the Sootopolis lake. Girlfriend will need to speak to Steven come the west of the gym in stimulate to gain to Wallace.Stock up before heading to the skies Pillar. Use the Poke facility to heal her Pokémon and purchase any type of necessary items and Poke Balls.Surf to course 131. The skies Pillar have the right to be accessed by surfing native Sootopolis City or by paris to Pacifidlog Town and surfing come the east.If girlfriend haven"t got to Pacifidlog town yet, protect against by so that it gets included to her map. You have the right to then fly to Pacifidlog city whenever you"d like, i m sorry makes getting to the skies Pillar lot easier.Find the Sky tower entrance. The cavern entrance to the Sky tower is located in the upper-right edge of route 131. You will need to surf around some rock formations in stimulate to discover it.Walk v the cave and out the entrance in ~ the top. Save walking towards the top of the screen. You will encounter the enntrance gate to the massive Sky Pillar.Climb the tower. Friend will need to climb four floors in order to reach Rayquaza. The opponents that you run right into in the tower will variety from level 30 come level 40.Use this chance to catch a Claydoll, as well as a Golbat if friend haven"t got one yet.On the 3rd floor, friend will must drop down the feet at the dead end. This will drop girlfriend in former of some doors you couldn"t with before. Usage the left door to with the 4th floor.Wake Rayquaza. As your strategy Rayquaza on the roof the the skies Pillar, he will certainly wake up and fly off. Friend won"t have the opportunity to fight him appropriate now. Instead, head back to Sootopolis City to see Rayquaza stop the battle between the 2 Legendary Pokémon. As soon as the battle is over, all 3 Pokémon will disappear.Return come the Sky pillar when you"re all set to catch Rayquaza. As soon as Rayquaza disappears native Sootopolis City, he will go back to the height of the sky Pillar. In bespeak to with him this time, girlfriend will require the Mach Bike indigenous the bicycle Shop close to Mauville City.<2>


You will require the mach bicycle to acquire over the holes, yet it will take a few tries.You have the right to use Max Repels to prevent the pesky wild Pokémon from attacking you.Bring solid Pokémon.

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