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Hello Guys,I have a 2006 touring v 3.5L engine. Lately ns noticed the it"s loosing transmission liquid at the passenger side and transmission began to plot up. Yesterday examine engine light came on - traction the code and also I need to codes concerned transmission concern - P0700 & P0730. Most most likely it is prompted by the low transmission liquid level as result of the cup plug problem.If i am correct this model currently has a sealed NAG transmission with no dipstick, so ns wonder how can I check the transmission liquid level and also refill it to the best level.Thanks in advance!
There room a couple of threads here on how to do a dipstick indigenous a large nylon tie wrap indigenous HD or Lowe"s, a quick thread search or look at the bottom that this thread at the comparable threads that must help. Great luck top top the Trans concern hope that is a straightforward fix.

there is the or there is what is reffered to as a fearbut tool. These room what the dealers and tranny shops use to check the liquid in your trans. These have the right to be had actually for about $70.also below is the connect to the object on exactly how to make her own.
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Thank Y"allSo space you saying the although it is a sealed infection there is an access hole to put the zip tie in? Is over there any snapshot available ~ above the web that can overview me to situate it under the hood?

Thank Y"allSo are you saying the although the is a sealed infection there is an accessibility hole to placed the zip tie in? Is over there any photo available ~ above the internet that can overview me to situate it under the hood?
im certain there are images out over there somewhere one of two people on here or top top the web. But basically its close to the earlier of the motor and also it has a dipstick tube however instead of a dipstick in there it has a cap on peak of it the reads "dealer company only" popular music this lid off and voila.
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the dipstick tube is situated on the passenger side behind of entry manifold, (it comes with the behind of the intake) about the egr.) and has a 1/2 inch black cap. It transforms to the left, very minimally and also then simply yanks out.I took a old black welding floor cable, 1/4 - 3/8s thick (cleaned it through gas) measured 77 mm, and taped the remaining size so the is urgent over, then cut a notch in ~ 70mm, and also another notch in ~ 63mm.then ns dropped it into the tranny tube, the went in quickly without a hitch.the auto i am working on has actually no history whatsoever, and also i simply wanted come make sure it had actually some liquid in it before i fired the up, as simply did a motor swap.the liquid level showed up to be about the 70 to 71 mark, which i think is probably to low? (I go not have actually the auto warm or running as it had not to be fired yet.I fired that after turning the vital twice, ( to let the fuel system prime) and for good luck,on the 3 time ns turned the an essential all the means to interact the starter and BINGOshe fired best up, happily i rove it out of the garage, onto the driveway.It sat there to run for around 10 minutes, and also started dripping water, (the water pump is leaking), the vehicle is a ghetto fabulous car, so the was propelled hard and put far wet; soon after, as i was turning it around, the tranny started to shudder which provides me think that is short on fluid or may have other problems, which i hope to settle with a tranny flush? i am not certain at what level the tranny fluid should be, yet my homemade dipstick did no hit the bottom of the tranny pan, it was not lengthy enough;after ns due the tranny flush and filter change, i will write-up my findings.Ghetto Fabulous = auto owner that cannot purchased to own a car, and does not due anything to maintain the car, and also therefore it division down, and also is sold for penny`s ~ above the dollar and the new owner, then has to fix or part it out;In mine case, i made decision to fix it, together it has good potential, leather interior, sunroof, 6 load cd, and also only 130,000 kilometers, around 85,000 miles; that is tough to think that a nice vehicle like this was usually trashed, by a 70 year old man. But that is how Ghetto Fabulous works;