As you walk off the beaten path or development deeper into the game, there will be occasions whereby you’ll encounter an obstacle than you can’t pass without the assist of Pokémon. At these times, girlfriend will have to use the equivalent TM (Technical Machine) or HM (Hidden Machine) learned by her Pokémon.

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Although girlfriend can openly use HMs in battle, girlfriend can’t usage them exterior of battle - to clean obstacles - till you’ve obtained a specific Gym badge.

Also beware that when learned, HMs cannot be forget (until you reach the move Deleter later on on). This can be stroked nerves if you have actually a many of good moves on her Pokémon and you’re forced to delete one when discovering a new one (although luckily there’s likewise the relocate Reminder who resides in the very same house).

For this purpose, part players like to bring along a “HM Slave” (or two) - a Pokémon whose just purpose is to use HMs. This way, you don’t have to compromise your battle Pokémon, however it means you’ll be wasting one of your 6 party slots. Man… when will video game Freak lastly remove HMs?!

HM01: Cut¶

Acquired indigenous the Parfum Palace back garden, this move lets your Pokémon - with sharp claws or a scythe - cut down a thorny tree blocking your means to a secret path or goodie. In battle, its damages is pretty poor and outside the battle, over there are couple of (if any) thorny plants in the way of progress.

TM94: rock Smash¶

Obtained from Ambrette Town ; rock Smash does… precisely what it says, breaking small, cracked rocks in the way. It’s no longer a HM, so can be relearned or forgotten as regularly as friend like. Because it’s been demoted to TM status, that’s a hint that it’s not an important for getting about Kalos.

However, besides opened up next routes, absent Smash occasionally lets you encounter wild Pokémon hiding inside the rocks, items or - ~ beating the Elite 4 - even Pokémon fossils (rarely uncovered in Glittering Cave)!

HM03: Surf¶


Given to you once you step foot right into Route 12 and after obtaining the Mega Ring; Surf allows you traverse medium-depth water, such as rivers or ponds. If surfing, you may encounter wild, water-based Pokémon. Of all the HMs, Surf is among the far better ones for battle and also ideal because that your distinct Water attackers.

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HM04: Strength¶

Found in Cyllage City ; toughness flexes your Pokémon’s muscles, enabling you to move large cubic rocks, listed there is no various other obstruction in the way (such together a wall). Cue a selection of Strength-based puzzles, wherein you should cleverly manoeuvre the rocks, regularly dropping them into pits, come get specifically where girlfriend want.