With any kind of franchise as complete as Harry Potter, there are bound to it is in inconsistencies that come up. JK Rowling might have created one the the ideal fantasy universes to day (one of, mind) but even so, over there is constantly room for error.

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You can find it tough to believe, then, the the movie adaptations of she novels actually fixed a trouble Rowling developed herself. Of course, the equipment created an ext problems later, however Harry Potter director David Yates didn"t know it at the time.

In the Order that the Phoenix novel, JK Rowling introduced another magical thing to the canon: a two-way mirror that allows communication between its owners. The book had Sirius offer Harry the winter after Christmas break and urged the to usage it if Snape was providing him a difficult time.

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It seems, however, that Harry forgot about the gift altogether, and also after Snape gave him a hard time, Harry rather used the Floo Network to call his godfather. The he forgot around the gift is one thing, but that Sirius go is another.

The Floo Network is notoriously unreliable. Anyone hiding in the room could overhear, or merely take over the conversation by sticking their head into the fireplace. As well as which, the necessitates the human you desire to speak to gift at home.

Luckily because that Harry, Sirius was – though it was Remus that "answered" the Floo call and subsequently checked out fetch Sirius. Instead of Sirius questioning Harry why that didn"t use the mirror, he instead launched right into a comforting speech.

Had Sirius said, "Hey Harry, why didn"t you use the gift I provided you?", then after that Harry could have mental its existence. Climate Kreacher lying to Harry wouldn"t have actually happened, harry would have actually been able to confirm Sirius was safe and not dragged everyone to the to adjust of Magic and also to their deaths.

So, it"s no surprised that when it come time to shoot the film, Yates and also screenwriter Michael Goldenberg opted no to encompass it. The movies are currently full of small details and omitting a mirror could not have seemed choose the biggest deal.


It did two points – firstly, it fixed the problem of Sirius not reminding Harry about the mirror. Secondly, though, it opened up up an even bigger plot hole in future films.

Unknown come them, the mirror would end up being integral to Harry"s story in harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, which would be break-up into two films. As a result, the shard the glass indigenous the winter is introduced into the film with almost no explanation whatsoever.

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Granted, there are countless other plot holes in the movie that have nothing to perform with the books, yet it"s rare once a film in reality solves a trouble in its resource material.