One that the best-known names in fashion, Tommy Hilfiger is an icon. Since the 1980s, Hilfiger has been do the best of the basics through his range of simple, preppy Americana must-haves. Broadening his line right into a major fashion empire that currently incorporates all areas from Tommy Hilfiger jackets and hoodies, through to men’s and also women’s shoes and also bags, and also mixing in part streetwear influences, the is a powerhouse designer. Obtaining to know the male behind the label, we’ve gained the answers to her burning questions about who is Tommy Hilfiger? 

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#1 Who is Tommy Hilfiger? 

Tommy Hilfiger is the designer and founder that Tommy Hilfiger Corporation, which is the umbrella hatchet for every the off-sets of the brand; including Tommy Jeans, Tommy Sport and all his collections consisting of footwear and also homeware. A born and also bred brand-new Yorker, the designer go from spending his life save to open up a little shop in 1971, to being honoured v a lifetime success award from the council of Fashion developers of America in 2012. Truly living the American dream, Hilfiger himself still dram a major role in developing all collections and also advocates for ease of access and inclusivity in his range, passionate about casting models and spokespeople that represent America’s diversity. 

#2 where is Tommy Hilfiger from? 

Hilfiger was born in Elmira, new York. This is where the brand was born as well as he opened up his very first shop in his hometown. 

#3 How did Tommy Hilfiger start? 

The brand has humble beginnings. After saving his wages, Hilfiger spent his to save to open up up his very own shop in 1971 in Elmira. Originally the shop, People’s Place, organized a salon, record store and also even put on rock reflects in the basement, however after getting worn down of the journey into brand-new York to buy trending clothing like bell-bottoms, he began designing. Even though the keep went bankrupt in 1977, Hilfiger had found his passion for making so enrolled in classes come learn about the service side the fashion to effectively run his brand. After working v a totality host that brands, Tommy Hilfiger together it is known and also loved now was launched properly in 1985. 


#4 Where room Tommy Hilfiger apparel made? 

Tommy Hilfiger clothes are made in China and also Vietnam however the brand works carefully within the local communities of your productions factories to create the finest product made in the ideal conditions. The brand are committed come achieving some major sustainability goals, aiming to have all their products be part of a sustainability loop by 2030 and currently working in infrastructure where water, energy and chemicals space sustainably managed.  

#5 Who is Tommy Hilfiger’s wife? 

Hilfiger is married to model turned designer, Dee Ocleppo who designs her own variety of vintage-inspired handbags. 

Before Dee, the designer was married come Susie Hilfiger and they have 4 children. His daughter ally was part of a 2003 reality show on MTV referred to as Rich Kids. 

#6 Who inspires him? 

Tommy Hilfiger is well-known for his preppy designs. Originally influenced by the bell-bottoms and peasant blouses of the 70s, his draft are based upon classic American shapes for the ultimate wardrobe must-haves. Music is also a significant influence native the designer, specifically taking command from subcultures. Once talking around his work, he claims he’s inspired by a huge range of American symbols from Iggy Pop and Debbie Harry to James Dean and Farrah Fawcett, take out loan from every genres. 

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#7 What are the Tommy Hilfiger lines?

Tommy Hilfiger

The signature brand, Tommy Hilfiger to represent the significance of preppy style with it’s American-cool style.