Over 75 people move come Portland every single day. And also millions much more visit our city as tourists each year. That method some of our favorite regional places are beginning to get crowded. Ns mean, have you seen the lines in ~ Pok Pok and also Salt & Straw lately?

Today we’ll let you in on a couple of of our favorite locations to visit and also things to execute that just Portland locals know about.

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1. OMSI ~ Dark


He’s also scarier at night!

The Oregon Museum the Science and Industry really is a world-class museum. Annually it brings significant exhibits come town and shows yes, really awesome movies and also sporting events at the iMAX theater. However the weekend crowds can gain crazy, especially during the summer months.

But perform you know around OMSI ~ Dark? Every couple of weeks, OMSI opens up its doors after hours for adults (21 and up only) to explore. There’s also food to sample from local restaurants and also drinks, too! If you’ve never ever been the a fun way to endure the museum.

2. Huber’s Spanish Coffee

It seems prefer there’s brand-new cocktail bar, microbrewery, or lounge popping increase every week. Yet one of our favorite areas to get a drink is in reality at Portland’s earliest restaurant, Hubers! Hubers is downtown on third Avenue in between Stark and also Washington.

If you go, make sure to acquire their signature drink, a Spanish Coffee prepared (with panache) right at your table. Inspect out a video clip of the process below– or shot making one at house with this recipe.

3. Voodoo Too


The downtown Voodoo Donuts location has actually turned into more of a spectacle than anything else. Tourist seem come love it, yet do any kind of Portland locals in reality stand in that line? If you have friends visiting, skip the scene and take them come Voodoo Too. It is Voodoo’s NE Portland location near the Lloyd Center. The lines are much shorter (usually non-existent) yet the donuts (and the decor) space the same.

Of course, any true Portlander knows there are much better donuts in town– choose Delicious Donuts on SE cool or the (pricey but delicious) Blue Star (with locations almost everywhere town).

4. Movie In The Park


As us wrote about in the past, no issue where friend are, you’re never an ext than a 15-minute walk indigenous an awesome windy park. And locals understand that during the beautiful summer months, there’s likely to it is in an awesome movie playing nearby!

Attending movie in the Park is definitely a summer heritage for many Portland families. Critical year over 40 parks hosted standard movies favor The Goonies, Jaws, and also newer blockbusters, too!

Most nights, there’ll it is in a live tape playing prior to the movie (which starts at sunset). Make sure to obtain there early and grab a an excellent spot!

Remember come bring:

Blankets or urgently chairsSnacks and also drinksLight coat or sweater if it it s okay chilly

5. Can’t get Timbers Tickets? Go see The Thorns!


Good seat to a Portland Timbers game are a hot ticket. Matches against Seattle and other rivals market out conveniently (and yes sir a 15-year waiting perform for season tickets). Yet if you a local soccer fan, head under to Providence Park to clock the Portland thorn of the nationwide Women’s Soccer league (NWSL). The roster consists of US nationwide Team players like Tobin Heath and also Emily Sonnett, as well as one that the finest players in the world, French national Amadine Henry.

The thorns draw nearly 16,000 fans to every game (more than countless men’s teams). Plus, season tickets room affordable and also fun for the whole family! and as a bonus than only savvy Portland locals recognize about, thorns season ticket holders get early accessibility to purchase Timbers tickets, too.

6. Critical Thursday on Alberta


First Thursday is a night to view art in the trendy Pearl District. Yet Portland locals know that critical Thursday ~ above Alberta is yes, really the location to be! the a great community event and also it’s complimentary for everyone (including artists and vendors). There’s constantly music, lot of of locations to eat and drink, and see the type of stuff that makes Portland weird!

7. The Rimsky Korsakoffee House


What’s much more Portland 보다 a coffeehouse that’s in reality in a home with no signs and no advertising? The Rimsky-Korsakoffee residence (Portland locals and also regulars just contact it the Rimsky) is situated in SE Portland and is the meaning of under-the-radar and also low-key!

It’s a an excellent cozy point out to acquire coffee and dessert and enjoy live music. Simply don’t phone call anyone around it!

8. Hiking on Mt. Tabor


Portland locals recognize that some of the ideal hiking and also trail to run in the area is best on Mt. Tabor! one of the most renowned urban hikes, the Blue trail Loop is a hair over 3 miles and offers awesome views of downtown and also Mt. Hood. Mt. Tabor’s additionally a great place to watch July 4th fireworks, too. There’s constantly a huge crowd however there’s many of room to spread out out ~ above a blanket near the reservoir.

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9. Use Your Multnomah county Library Card


Did you understand that her Multnomah county Library deserve to be supplied for much an ext than discovering books, movies, and CDs?

Thanks to the discovery Pass program, you can use your local library card to visit part awesome local attractions, completely cost-free of charge. Some of the areas you can check out (pun intended) include:

The NW film CenterThe Portland arts Museum

10. Tanuki. Is the a Restaurant?


The sign says “This is no a Japanese restaurant.” however Portland locals understand Tanuki, a tiny hole-in-the-wall near SE 82nd and Stark, serves some of the many interesting oriental inspired bowl in town. The menu is complete of foodstuffs adventurous Portland locals will certainly love, including candied loquats, jellyfish salad, kimchi, and much more!

If you’re trying to find a distinctive night out, shot Tanuki!

11. The 4 T Trail


We’ll end up off our list with another amazing urban hike ~ above the 4T Trail. You’ll endure a variety of Portland areas by means of:


Start downtown (or anywhere along the red or blue MAX line) and also take the MAX come the Zoo. Climate hike come Council crest Park and also take simple downhill walk come the aerial tram at OHSU. Ride the tram down (it’s free) and use her Trimet ticket to hop ~ above the Portland Streetcar and ago downtown.

In ours experience, the hike isn’t too strenuous and most civilization can finish the totality adventure in a few hours. That a great way to invest an afternoon!

Thanks for Reading!

So it is our perform of few of the coolest points that Portland locals love to do. If us missed anything, tell united state in the comment below!

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