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5. Steering Safety

Expressways - also called interstate highways, freeways, and also turnpikes space multiple-lane roads with no protect against signs, website traffic lights, or rail crossings. Because that these reasons, expressways can give you a fast, safe method to get where you must go.

Pedestrians, hitchhikers, bicycles, animal-drawn vehicles or motor-driven cycles and also motor scooters through 150 cubic centimeter displacement or less are not permitted on expressways.

5.28.1 - Entering and also Leaving Expressways

Vehicles can enter and also leave expressways only at certain points. Since expressway web traffic is usually relocating at or close come the maximum rate allowed, you should know exactly how to enter and also exit safely.


All expressway gateways have three straightforward parts: an enntrance gate ramp, an acceleration lane, and a merger area. Follow these guidelines to get in an expressway safely:

On the entrance ramp, start checking because that an opened in traffic. Signal for your turn.As the ramp straightens right into the acceleration lane, speed up. Try to readjust your speed so that you can move right into the traffic as soon as you with the finish of the acceleration lane.Merge right into traffic as soon as you can do so safely. You need to yield the right-of-way to website traffic on the expressway. Girlfriend cannot always count top top other motorists moving over to offer you room to enter, but do not stop on one acceleration roadway unless web traffic is as well heavy and there is no space for girlfriend to enter safely.When leave an expressway:Get right into the departure lane. Posted indicators will tell you which one. Many expressway exits space from the appropriate lane.Signal her intention to leave the expressway by using your revolve signal.Slow down as shortly as you room off the expressway. Inspect the post safe rate for the exit ramp.Do not make last-minute turns into an exit. If you go past your exit, you must go come the following one.

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5.28.2 - Expressway safety Reminders

Plan your trip. Know just where friend will gain on and get off.Drive in the right lane and pass top top the left. If there space three lanes, use the appropriate lane for lower speed driving, the left for passing. If you stay in the ideal lane, watch because that cars start the expressway. Adjust your rate or move into the center lane therefore they can enter safely.Never protect against on the pavement, shoulder, or connecting ramp of one expressway other than in an emergency. If your car breaks down, it might be parked on the next of the expressway (completely off the pavement) or no much more than 6 hours. Raise her hood and tie a white cloth to her antenna or left door handle to show you require help.Never earlier up on an expressway entrance ramp or exit ramp. The only exemption to this would be if you room trying to go into an expressway with an exit. In this case, girlfriend would watch a "WRONG WAY" or "DO no ENTER" sign. Climate you must back up or turn around.Do no cross, journey on or park ~ above the mean strip.Do no follow also closely. Rear end collisions are the biggest danger ~ above expressways. Always leave room because that emergency stops.Stop driving once you feel tired. On long trips the hum that the engine and your lack of movement have the right to make you feeling sleepy. Avoid for a cup that coffee, a short walk, or a nap. Do not risk falling sleep at the wheel.

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