The weaknesses that made Hicks a bad subject are:Hicks to be born honest and also calm. He speak what the saw;what he saw is what the saw and also reported honestly. Hicks acquired no creativity at all. For Twain, the is one unworthy hero.He appeared to dislike Hicks saying he was no a worthy hero.

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The weaknesses that make Hicks a negative subject is the he to be honest, sincere, consistent, and reported things as lock happened, the he likewise lacked imagination, and was very calm, those were his weaknesses.



With this 3 inquiries ! really require them right! 1. The an initial continental congress met in philadelphia ~ above september 5, 1774. All of the colonies sent representatives except georgia. This congress ongoing in session till october 26, 1774. By then it had passed resolutions calling for a boycott versus british trade. The author"s key purpose was a. To notify b. To guide c. Come instruct d. To give an opinion 2. Identify the suggest of watch of each of the adhering to passages. "my 2nd mate was a round-cheeked, quiet young man, grave past his years, i thought; however as ours eyes happened to fulfill i detect a slim quiver on his lips. Ns looked down at once. That was not my component to encourage sneering on plank my ship. It must be said, too, that ns knew very little of mine officers." (joseph conrad, "the secret sharer") a. Very first person b. 3rd person limited c. 3rd person omniscient d. Nobody of the above 3. Identify the point of see of every of the adhering to passages. "he had actually only self to in his choice: his fortune was his own; for as to frank, it was more than gift tacitly lugged up together his uncle"s heir, the had become so avowed an fostering as to have him i think the surname of churchill on coming of age. The was most unlikely, therefore, that he should ever want his father"s assistance. His father had actually no apprehension of it." (jane austen, emma) a. Third person omniscient b. 3rd person restricted c. An initial person d. No one of the above
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Describe the term romanticism. Just how is it apparent in the poems of the era? be sure to incorporate information regarded poems native at the very least two authors. Support your an answer with evidence related come form, sound, structure, and also other poetic elements.
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