With so numerous different varieties of stretching methods for improving flexibility, there tends to be confusion on the difference between these techniques and how every one is executed. To assist cut through several of the confusion, right here is a quick explanation that six usual flexibility techniques together with examples.

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Static Stretching


The many common type of stretching, static stretching, is enforcement by extending the targeted muscle group to that is maximal suggest and holding it because that 30 seconds or more.

There are two types of revolution stretches:

Active: Added pressure is used by the individual for higher intensityPassive: Added force is used by an external force (e.g., companion or assistive device) to rise intensity

Dynamic Stretching

Unlike static stretching, dynamic stretching requires the usage of consistent movement trends that mimic the practice or sports to it is in performed. Normally speaking, the function of dynamic stretching is to improve versatility for a provided sport or activity.

An instance of dynamic extending would it is in a sprinter doing long, exaggerated strides to prepare because that a race.

Ballistic Stretching

This form of extending is typically used for athletic drills and utilizes repeated bouncing activity to stretch the target muscle group. While these bouncing activities usually cause the stretch reflex and may reason increased danger for injury, they can be safe performed if done from low-velocity come high-velocity and preceded by revolution stretching.

Active Isolated extending (AIS)


This stretch technique is hosted for just two seconds at a time. That is performed repeatedly for number of repetitions, each time exceeding the previous suggest of resistance by a few degrees. Lot like a strength-training regimen, AIS is carry out for several sets through a specific number of repetitions.

Myofascial Release


Through the usage of a foam roller or comparable device, myofascial release relieves tension and also improves flexibility in the fascia (a densely woven dedicated system that connective tissue that covers and unites all of the body’s compartments), and also underlying muscle. Small, consistent back-and-forth movements are performed end an area of 2 come 6 inches for 30 come 60 seconds. The individual’s pain yongin will recognize the lot of pressure used to the target area.

Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation (PNF)

This type of stretching capitalizes top top the use of autogenic and also reciprocal inhibition, and includes three types of techniques:

Hold-relaxPerform a passive 10-second pre-stretch.Hold and resist force applied by the fitness professional, bring about an isometric convulsion in the target muscle group, for 6 seconds.Relax the muscle group and permit a passive stretch; hold for 30 secs to increase range of activity (ROM).There must be a better stretch throughout this last phase as result of autogenic inhibition.Contract-relaxPerform a passive 10-second pre-stretch.The fitness professional uses resistance, counteracting the client’s pressure of concentric convulsion of the target muscle group, without completely restricting the joint with its ROM.Relax the muscle team and permit a passive stretch; host for 30 secs to increase ROM.There should be a higher stretch throughout this last phase as result of autogenic inhibition.Hold-relax v agonist contractionThis technique is comparable to the Hold-relax technique but differs because that the final stretch.Relax the muscle group and enable a passive stretch. Concentrically contract the the opposite muscle group of the target muscle group that is being stretched; organize for 30 seconds to rise ROM.There must be a higher stretch during this last phase as result of reciprocal and also autogenic inhibition.

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Knowing the difference in between each stretching an approach and exactly how to properly execute castle is important for determining which large is ideal for her client"s fitness goals and helping them perform them safely and effectively.