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YouTuber AntVenom has actually uploaded countless Minecraft videos in the past and after some time he realized that the common vanilla Minecraft is as well boring for him. That’s why he decided to create and publish his own FaithfulVenom structure pack. It was an extremely important because that him to realize his very own graphic ideas and also started through a simple change that colors. Because that example, the grass shade was changed to do the earth block look much less monotonous. Almost all the blocks and also items had their colors readjusted to do them look an ext beautiful for you to look at. As a result, the atmosphere no much longer looks so gloomy. According to his own statement, AntVenom is an order fanatic and also has an exact ideas around how Minecraft must look.

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Soberly, the textures space a revised version of the common Default Pack. The name FaithfulVenom structure pack comes from the initial Faithful, due to the fact that it is an modify of it and also some structure come from this pack. One significant difference is the AntVenom has actually made the GUI lot darker. If you normally prefer darker colors in the GUI girlfriend should definitely check out the Dark setting Pack.


Overall, FaithfulVenom’s score is to enhance the resolution while keeping the vanilla Minecraft look. An ext specifically, the resolution has actually been doubled from 16x to 32x, i m sorry noticeably improves the quality of the textures. At this point, you could be wonder why the resolution isn’t 64×64. That’s simple to answer, due to the fact that the idea is that the texture fill shouldn’t deviate too lot from the default pack. For this reason, the resolution distinction is not as well big.

Nonetheless, there space clear differences for you come see contrasted to the default pack. One large change is the sound pack, i beg your pardon adds earlier the old Minecraft sounds that you could remember indigenous previous versions of the game. Also, 3D models have been produced for particular blocks and also making your world an ext realistic. However, just a few 3D textures room available, which is why we desire to attract your fist to Default 3D, i beg your pardon is much better in this respect.

How to download and also install FaithfulVenom structure Pack

Installing the texture fill couldn’t it is in easier. Installing the load is simple for a computer pro. Nevertheless, you may need some help, i beg your pardon is why we have actually written a tutorial.

Click top top the FaithfulVenom download link.As a result, you will certainly be redirected come Google Drive. Over there you have to click download in the upper appropriate corner. Currently the download will certainly start and you will need to wait a couple of seconds until the texture load is on your computer.Start Minecraft and go come the menu item Resource Packs via the options.Now open the source Packs folder at the bottom right and also move FaithfulVenom right into it.Close the folder and activate the fill by going to the icon and clicking top top the arrowhead pointing to the left.

Finally, girlfriend should understand that the FaithfulVenom texture fill supports Optifine’s linked textures feature, which create a smooth shift between the blocks. An especially noteworthy right here are the glass and the bookshelf, since both of them space beautifully connected. Together a result, girlfriend won’t watch the unsightly lines between each block anymore.

This cool function will assist you make your atmosphere look more stylish, due to the fact that the structure won’t be so blocky anymore. For the creator AntVenom the is even the favorite feature of Optifine, i m sorry is why we also advise friend to download this mod for Minecraft.

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