What room the materials of a Domain Name?

critical updated: September 19, 2021

A domain name is an interesting thing. It’s something we essentially need come navigate to so the we deserve to land ~ above the website we want.

We regularly own them for our own websites or also use domain surname to forward to various other services, prefer our social media channels.

Despite that it’s integral to our usage of the Internet, us don’t constantly understand everything about them and also how lock work.

In this piece, we’re walking to aid you gain a better understanding of what a domain surname is and also all the bit and pieces.

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What room all the components of a Domain Name?

There are three main parts to any domain name. You have your Subdomain (or third Level Domain), climate you have actually your Second-Level Domains, which is adhered to by a Top-Level Domain.

When you navigating to any kind of website address, or URL, friend will likewise come across the Protocol (which occurs before the subdomain).

When picking your domain name, you gain to select the native you want for the three different contents in the picture below.

There room seemingly infinite choices in the domains world!


What is the Protocol?

The protocol comes prior to the subdomain, together as having actually a certain (https://) versus a non-secure (http://) website.

Seeing “https” before a website lets you know that they have actually a defense Certificate and that info sent over your website’s servers is sent securely.

Never submit information through one unsecured website’s form. In 2014, Google do a push to encourage world to store their websites secure and also they have actually been advertise the narrative that it benefits your ranking since.

In the last couple of years, web page that are not secure have seen a negative impact on their SEO.

As the 2018, Google brand websites that are not for sure to attract attention to the security flaw to avoid end-users native sharing your data.

For the benefits of your customers who space sharing personal information in forms, email authorize ups, do accounts, and also doing ecommerce purchases, always to buy a defense Certificate for her website.

If not, her customer will be told not to enter an individual information into your website.

Keep your customer’s personal information safe to avoid any kind of man-in-the-middle attacks that can breach your customers’ data. Encryption is regularly a short cost and also provides legitimacy to her website and also your virtual brand overall.

What is a Subdomain?

A subdomain is concerned the key or source domain and also is the portion to the left of her Second-Level Domain, i m sorry is probably your brand, company, or an individual name.

If you very own your own domain, such as myexample.org and also decide to run a blog ~ above a subdomain, your domain would check out as blog.myexample.org.

Sometimes you will watch subdomains referred to as “third-level domains.” The many common and familiar subdomain is “www.” You carry out not need to have “www” in her subdomain, but can choose to store it over there if girlfriend want.

Other uses for subdomains are things prefer your mobile website. Though no as common on smaller sized or responsive websites, many platforms (such as Twitter) require an entirely separate mobile version of their website to exist.

Much like with online security, Google’s mobile an initial indexing made having actually a cell phone or responsive website a necessity.

When’s the critical time girlfriend navigated come a website on her mobile phone? are you on it appropriate now? You would be among the 58% of united state traffic, if so.

You may see the subdomain m.whateverwebsite.com following time you navigate to one ~ above mobile.

It’s also feasible your own website lives on asubdomain. Those who do not purchase domain names, yet use website builderssuch as WordPress or Shopify, may have their website live ~ above example.wordpress.com or example.myshopify.com.

Top-Level Domains

Generic Top-Level domains (gTLDs)

A Top-Level Domain is the domain name expansion to the appropriate of the dot. You’re likely most acquainted with the .COM generic Top-Level Domain.

Did you understand there space hundreds of options to select from for her TLD? There room a ton of gTLDs that room intended because that anyone to use. Friend can gain .LINK, .WEBSITE, .SHOP, .STORE, .NET, or .ORG as an example.

There has actually been a current trend towards tech-themed domain names, such as .TECH, .APP, or .DEV. Girlfriend can find niche domain name surrounding everything it is friend or your service does.

Ever discover .DESIGN, .COFFEE, or .DOG together a Top-Level Domain option? don’t be afraid to explore a brand-new option and also have a little of fun with your following domain name.

Country code Top-Level domain names (ccTLDs)

Country password Top-Level domains have become popular options for domain owner to use.

While you might be familiar with your ccTLD (.CA is a an extremely popular option amongst Canadians, together an example) you might not realize the any two-letter TLD is a nation Code.

If you’ve stumbled across a .ME, .IO, .AI, or .CO domain then you’ve landed on a domain that is using nation Code TLD.

Not all ccTLDs space intended for their country of origin, many are open to anyone to register and do not have actually restrictions.

Make certain to check that the ccTLD you desire to use is free of constraints that your company cannot abide by. While .ME is available for anyone come register, .CA has actually restrictions bordering ownership. Be sure you’re complying with the rules as soon as buying a domain name, as your ownership can be revoked if not.

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Next time you’re searching for your perfect domain name, you will certainly be complete of expertise on exactly how they work and what each piece of the puzzle is every about. Hopefully, this details helps you make the best choices surrounding how you usage your domain name.


Written through Samantha Lloyd

Samantha is a digital marketing expert, entrepreneur, and podcast host for to rise or Founder. She loves filling you in on Toronto"s technology industry. She lives for travel and also is constantly looking for a chance to dive & paddleboard.