The 4 quadrants

The name: coordinates axes divide the plane into four quadrants, labelled first, second, third and also fourth together shown. Angle in the 3rd quadrant, because that example, lie between (180^circ) and (270^circ).

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By considering the (x)- and (y)-coordinates that the suggest (P) as it lies in every of the 4 quadrants, we can identify the authorize of every of the trigonometric ratios in a provided quadrant. These are summarised in the adhering to diagrams.

Detailed description of diagram

Related angles

In the module further trigonometry (Year 10), we saw that we could relate the sine and also cosine the an angle in the second, third or 4th quadrant to the of a associated angle in the an initial quadrant. The an approach is very comparable to that outlined in the previous section for angles in the second quadrant.

We will uncover the trigonometric ratios because that the angle (210^circ), i beg your pardon lies in the 3rd quadrant. In this quadrant, the sine and also cosine ratios are an adverse and the tangent ratio is positive.

To find the sine and cosine the (210^circ), we find the corresponding allude (P) in the 3rd quadrant. The coordinates of (P) are ((cos 210^circ, sin 210^circ)). The angle (POQ) is (30^circ) and also is called the related angle for (210^circ).

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< an 210^circ = an 30^circ = dfrac1sqrt3.>

In general, if ( heta) lies in the third quadrant, climate the acute angle ( heta - 180^circ) is referred to as the connected angle for ( heta).

Exercise 2

Use the an approach illustrated over to find the trigonometric ratios the (330^circ).Write under the related angle for ( heta), if ( heta) lies in the fourth quadrant.

The straightforward principle because that finding the related angle because that a given angle ( heta) is to subtract (180^circ) native ( heta) or to subtract ( heta) native (180^circ) or (360^circ), in bespeak to obtain an acute angle. In the case when the associated angle is just one of the distinct angles (30^circ), (45^circ) or (60^circ), we deserve to simply compose down the exact values because that the trigonometric ratios.

In summary, to discover the trigonometric ratio of an angle between (0^circ) and also (360^circ):

find the associated angleobtain the authorize of the proportion by noting the quadrantevaluate the trigonometric proportion of the related angle and also attach the ideal sign.

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Use the related angle to find the specific value of

(sin 120^circ)(cos 150^circ)( an 300^circ)(cos 240^circ).Solution

Exercise 3

Find the precise value of

(sin 210^circ)(cos 315^circ)( an 150^circ).

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