. Consultant C dues $140 because that the first hour and also $80 per hour after ~ the first. For a five hour session, i m sorry consultant provides the cheapest price? (CORRECT moment-g.com: significant AS BRAINLIEST and GETS 100 POINTS)A. Consultant AB.Consultant BC.Consultant CD. All three market the exact same price.

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B. Consultant B

Step-by-step explanation:

The inquiry asked united state to recognize the price every consultant charges because that a period of 5 hours and then obtain the cheapest amongst them.

Let the full charges for 5 hrs session = a

Consultant A

He charges $160 because that the first hour and $75 after ~ the first. That way the continuing to be 4 hours he fees 75 × 4 = $300.

a = 160 + 300 = $460

Consultant B

He dues $90 every hour. This means his charge for 5 hours session is 5 × 90 = $450

a = 90 × 5 = $450

Consultant C

He fees $140 for the an initial hour and $80 after the first hour. The remaining 4 hrs session he will charge 4 × 80 = $320.

a = 140 + 320 = $460

Consultant B provides the cheapest price the $450


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Given is a finite set of spherical planets, all of the very same radius and no two intersecting. On the surface of each earth consid
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Step-by-step explanation:

To moment-g.com this question, First, we define a direction in space, which defines

the phibìc Pole of every planet.

We also assume the the direction is no at 90° perpendicular to the axis of any kind of two planet.

Assume we now define an stimulate on the collection of world by saying that world A ≥ B, when removing every the other planet from space, the north pole B, is visible from A.

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If we refer to the direction the the planet in the diagram, we discover that,

1, A ≥ A

2, If A ≥ B and also B≥ A,

Then A = B

3, If A ≥ B, and also B ≥ C , climate A ≥ C

4, one of two people A ≥ B or B ≥ A

It should also be provided that the variety of order over has a distinct maximal facet (M). This is the only planet whose phibìc Pole is not visible native another.