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The chrome facility caps for those 15" CRV steelies to the right the element steelies also. Castle pop ideal in in place of the black plastic facility caps which are much harder to come through now.

One tire guy I speak to looked up the E"s wheels and also said they likewise fit the MDX, Pilot, and Odyssey. Didn"t mention CR-V, strangely. (Hope the over is true and also I haven"t spread misinformation.) anyway the E"s wheel are supposedly 16" x 6.5", lug pattern 5mm x 115mm, offset +45.
I"ve obtained a heat on a collection of winter wheels/tires. Haven"t obtained the dimension yet, but does anybody recognize if CRV stole wheels will certainly fit on the element? What size they are?Thanks!kg

One tire male I speak to looked up the E"s wheels and also said they additionally fit the MDX, Pilot, and Odyssey. Didn"t point out CR-V, strangely. (Hope the above is true and also I haven"t spread misinformation.) ...
will CRV steelies fit?This is a concern I have actually been questioning myself recently. Ns researched it and also it appears that the size and also offset is the same as the Accord wheels 15x6JJ OFFSET=55. Quicksilver was using Accord wheels v his snow tires. Ns am law the same snow tire thing with the exact same size (P215/75R15). Ns was confident sufficient to to buy the rims and tires. Ns guess i will discover out this weekend.
watch the 6" have the right to only run a 215 (or possibly 225) max width....not yes, really a difficulty for snows, however not as nice as being able to usage 225s basic or even 235s (if thats what you"re looking come do.)Will
Love the Pilot Steelies. Lock look great!I wish I might find something similar with much more negative offset than stock. Hmmmm.......

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CRV stole wheels will fit top top the Element
I just had actually some snow tires placed on CRV steelies. Castle fit simply fine. I type of choose the method they look. It renders the "E" look choose some sort of oversized MATCHBOX toy.The rims space 15" Honda CRV series II LX type made in 2002. The rims room stamped J15X6JJ. I might not find an counter stamped on the wheels. The is commonly reported that the balance out is 55mm.The tires space Kelly tire P215/75R15, Wintermark stole Radial HT"s made in Canada. According to the literary works they have actually an aggressive "truck-like" hi-void tread design. Five great! lock were also pretty cheap. Because that what it"s worth, they have the snowflake on hill symbol. When it snows, I"ll administer a monitor up report!
watch the 6" can only run a 215 (or perhaps 225) max width....not yes, really a trouble for snows, however not together nice as being may be to use 225s straightforward or also 235s (if thats what you"re looking to do.)Will
Floor mats and also full carpet, pest deflector, Fogs and DRL kit, HIDs, CAI, 2 1/2 exhaust. Roof rack. 2" hitch , Took the end the POS background kit.