Pikachu is quickly the most well known Pokemon together the mascot that the franchise, even getting its own video game last year with Pokemon Let’s walk Pikachu. Those who had a save file for the game could get a Pikachu in the brand-new Pokemon Sword and Sword with a one-of-a-kind Gigantamax form, yet that comes at the price of no being able come evolve it. You have the right to still catch a wild Pikachu and evolve the though, and also this overview will information how you have the right to do that.

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How come Evolve Pikachu right into Raichu

Ever due to the fact that the very very first Pokemon gamings with Red and Blue, Pikachu has had actually a different method of evolution than simply leveling it up. You could level Pikachu all the way up come level 99 and also it’ll never evolve the way.

Instead, girlfriend will need to use a special evolution stone to obtain Pikachu to evolve right into Raichu. That specific stone girlfriend will need is a Thunder Stone, i beg your pardon this overview covers how you can obtain one in Pokemon Sword and also Shield.

Once girlfriend have got the Thunder Stone, enter your bag and select the Thunder rock item. Now, you deserve to look to the left and also see the list of Pokemon in your party. Make certain Pikachu is in your party first of all. Once Pikachu is, choose Pikachu through the stone, which must say Compatible. If you accidentally got hold of the Pikachu indigenous Let’s go here, the will rather say Incompatible, so make sure you gain the best one.

Once you use the Thunder rock on Pikachu, it will certainly evolve into Raichu. This can not be developed into the Alolan form of Raichu like this, which girlfriend would have actually seen in Pokemon Sun and also Moon. Because that this, you’ll gain the standard Electric kind only Raichu that many will acknowledge in Pokemon Sword and Shield.

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