Gastly is just one of the scariest first-gen pokémon, and also here room ten points fans might not have actually known around the pocket monster"s evolutionary line.

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that strange come think it about now, however the not-always-so-good-old-days that Generation I represent an virtually unrecognizable era of the Pokémon series. Those who, fairly rightly, complain about the hax that goes top top in battles today deserve to thank their lucky stars the Wrap no much longer works the means it used to.

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certain typings were fully barren in Pokémon Red & Blue too. Take it Ghost, for instance. There were no Ghosts come be discovered save because that the much-beloved Gastly line, which had nary a STAB move worth using. Times have changed a lot since then, however Gastly, Haunter, and also Gengar stay as popular as ever. Let’s take a look at just how to evolve Gastly, and some much more curious trivia around this famous Pokémon.

together fans will certainly surely know, Haunter is one of a select few Pokémon the evolves by being traded. This mechanic has actually existed since the very beginning the the collection as a way to try and encourage the social play that is the structure of the Pokémon concept. It was additionally a significant pain the days of cumbersome attach Cables, yet we gained by.

before that, though, Gastly’s acquired a middle stage evolution to achieve. This is a basic matter of increasing the little critter to level 25. You can wait until level 40, so that learns the an essential Shadow sphere a little quicker—Haunter learns it in ~ level 48—but it is a personal preference.

Well, probably we’re overselling Gastly a little here. After ~ all, basic 100 isn’t specifically the greatest Special strike around. For a pokémon with two evolutions to get through, though, this is really impressive indeed.

pair this v its basic 80 Speed, and also Gastly’s a top-rate glass cannon waiting to happen. Not many pokémon in its position can rival this sort of power and Speed. Sadly, though, it comes at a hefty cost.

while it’s easy to underestimate exactly how much strength this tiny pokémon in reality packs, the same uses for simply how vulnerable it really is. Its basic HP and also Defense are both a meager 30, while its unique Defense is one ever-so-slightly-less-hilarious basic 35.

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it is right, friends, Gastly proudly provides both our list of Pokémon through the worst Defense stat ever and Pokémon with the lowest one-of-a-kind Defense in series history. That’s gained to it is in a little embarrassing.

Gastly and its evolutions space still the just Ghost/Poison Pokémon in existence. This way that, along with the usual weaknesses to Dark-types and also their other Ghosts, they’re additionally vulnerable come Psychic and also Ground moves.

For several generations now, Gengar has been enjoying a complete immunity to the latter, thanks to the Levitate Ability. In one indirect Generation VII nerf, though, this capability has been replaced with Cursed Body. Just Gengar was influenced by this change, i beg your pardon was clearly a calculation move.

together we’ve mentioned, Pokémon has come a long method since the original releases. Gastly’s Pokémon Red & Blue sprite is no longer around to scare us to the really depths of our souls, but this tiny tiny gaseous creature is still together frightening as it ever before was.

“Its human body is make of gas. In spite of lacking substance, it deserve to envelop an opponent of any kind of size and also cause suffocation,” Pokémon X’s Pokédex speak us. “Poisonous gas comprises 95% that its body. It"s said that the staying 5% is made up of the souls of those who died from the gas,” Pokémon Ultra Moon adds. Nothing worry about it, game Freak, we weren’t planning come sleep because that the following 37 years or so, anyway.

So, there us go. This development line’s habit of haunting, cursing, and draining victims’ really essence native the shadows is well documented, however maybe they’re simply misunderstood. After all, who hasn’t hopped right right into someone’s shadow and also eaten your soul once or twice? We’ve every been there.

In PokéPark Wii: Pikachu"s Adventure, Gastly’s ar in the PokéPark Pad reads, “Gastly live in the Haunted Zone. They"re much kinder than they might appear.” We’re not certain we’re buying that one, but it’s nice come hear the they have some redeeming qualities. The line has been known to assist spirits attain closure and ‘miss’ trainers who have passed away, after all.

Well, we have to clarify here: one details Gastly has been displayed to be able to talk in the anime. Unlike most pokémon, which tend to only be able to speak their own names—or syllables from it—there was a distinct Gastly in the anime which to be a real chatterbox.

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In the illustration “The Ghost the Maiden’s Peak,” a Gastly trickster pretended to it is in the heart of a young woman who turned to rock waiting for she true love. The spectral maiden turns out to be real, as does Gastly’s surprising ability to speak.

Ken Sugimori is one of the most critical cogs in the Pokémon machine. Together Art Director because that the series, he’s played a crucial part in the architecture of all your favorite pokémon—and all your the very least favorite, so there’s that, too. But which is Sugimori’s very own favorite?

Well, as soon as it concerns Kanto, Siliconera reports, the none various other than Gengar. From an artist’s standpoint, this pokémon’s less complicated design provides it much easier for him come draw, which is why it it s okay the creator’s vote.

transparent its advancement line, it’s clear that Gastly concentrates on one thing: hitting hard and also fast v special attacks. Both the Ghost and Poison STAB alternatives have improved drastically due to the fact that the at an early stage days, and also it’s gained some fantastic coverage alternatives too. Thunderbolt, energy Ball, Psychic, and the like are all obtainable to cover details threats.

That’s just the begin of things, though. While its attack is completely lacking, Gengar has actually an exciting suite of physical moves, consisting of priority in zero Sneak, the rarely Shadow Punch, Mega Kick, drain Punch, and also the elemental punches!

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Nobody’s ever actually walking to use a Mega kick Gengar, yet the reality remains that this pokémon is typically seen as a straight-up offensive force. What you might not recognize is the it weaves a dizzying range of tricky donate moves right into the bargain.

from the deadly Destiny Bond to Encore, from Taunt come Trick Room—though its lot too quick for that)—from Will-O-Wisp come Perish Song, a favourite of Mega Gengar, which might trap the adversary with its shadow Tag Ability, this thing is every bit as malevolent and also unpredictable in the games as the is in the anime or elsewhere. You never understand what come expect as soon as Gastly or that is evolutions space around! Its brand-new Gigantamax kind can trap foes too, so beware!

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