Harry Potter: ways Each personality Fits their Wands In the take care of Potter series, the wand choose the wizard. Native Ron come Hermione to Voldemort, here"s just how each character"s wand fits its owner.

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In Harry Potter and also the Sorceror"s Stone, Ollivander, owner of Ollivander"s in Diagon Alley declared the following: "The wand chooses the wizard, Mr. Potter. It"s not always clear why." Wands have personalities all your own and are perhaps also sentient.

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Because the this, each Witch and Wizard holds a deep an individual connection v their corresponding wands. The bond in between them is various from individual to individual. Spring at several of the significant players the the series, here are several of the attributes that are shared between themselves and their wands.

Like many wizards and also witches, Harry obtained his wand in ready for his first year at Hogwarts. Visiting Olivanders, Harry to be paired with a wand made of holly wood, eleven customs in length, through a phoenix feather core. As plenty of know, Harry"s wand core is mutual with Voldemort, who tail feather came from the very same phoenix.

The wood favored for Harry"s wand wasn"t an accident. Follow to Rowling, the hardwood from a Holly tree is said to loss evil, according to the europe tradition. The name Holly, in fact, stems from comparable roots as the word Holy. Together the protagonist and chosen one, it"s a fitting choice.

9 Ron Weasley

Harry"s best friend Ron had two wands over the course of the series. His first was inherited native his brother Charlie and also was broken during the events of The chamber of Secrets. This wand regularly gave Ron trouble. It"s not that the wand didn"t job-related per se, yet the wand itself to be never totally paired come Ron as it was initially his brothers".

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Afterward, he was soon gifted his very own wand, a fourteen-inch willow hardwood wand with unicorn hair core. The timber of Ron"s wand is no an accident. Willow timber is said to attract those with installed insecurity, similar to Ron"s an unfavorable feelings in the direction of his status. Yet they additionally offer growth for those v the greatest potential.

Hermione Granger, the critical member that the trio, has actually a specifically unique wand. Apart from the style that echoes the timber in which the is made, the origins of its definition are fascinating. Hermione"s wand is do of vine, through a core made native dragon heartstring.

Vine is no necessarily viewed as wood through many, but ancient celts and druids observed all points with a woody stem together a tree. Thus, wands were made from this material. Vine wands are frequently made because that those who have actually a hidden greater purpose in ~ them. They likewise end to be underestimate in power, similar to Hermione"s background together a muggle-born.

7 Dumbledore

for a lengthy time, fans thought that the just wand Dumbledore owned was the one he supplied throughout the series. But, it to be revealed the this wand was, in fact, the Elder Wand. Previous to his property of this Deathly Hallow, Dumbledore owned another wand, as viewed in the Fantastic Beasts franchise.

This material has actually not to be revealed simply yet, however looking in ~ it and knowing Dumbledore, it could be make of Ebony. Except the signature black color of the wood, this wands affix themselves to those with solid convictions and also personalities. They additionally suit those experienced in transfiguration, a subject Dumbledore taught at Hogwarts.

Voldemort was the most an effective Dark magician in ages. His regime of terror it s long decades, even throughout his time in hiding. His wand accordingly matches his evil persona. Share a phoenix core v Harry Potter, Voldemort"s wand is do of Yew wood and is thirteen and a fifty percent inches long.

According to Pottermore, those who wield wands that Yew have the ability to host the true power of life and death. What with Voldemort"s obsession with both concepts, one could say this pairing is appropriate. The ornamental bone checked out in the films isn"t discussed in the books, yet certainly is apt considering that Voldemort is and the origins of his wand.

5 Neville Longbottom

favor Ron Weasley, Neville Longbottom"s first wand to be inherited come him native a relative. His father, that sadly was thrust mad, left his wand for his son. Since of this, the wand never completely merged with Neville as its true owner. Eventually, prefer Ron, Neville deserve his very own wand the fits him and him alone.

This 2nd wand to be made that Cherry wood, v a unicorn hair core and also measuring in ~ thirteen inches. Follow to wand lore, Cherry timber wands room fit v those that high prestige. While Neville is shy and timid in the beforehand parts that the series, as soon as he find his courage and also earns his new wand, he matches the rebirth that is symbolized v the cherry flower of this wand.

prefer Snape himself, his wand continues to be a bit of a mystery. It has actually not been proclaimed what his wand"s material, core, or size is in any type of of the supplemental products in the films, books, or Pottermore. The being said, learning Snape and seeing what his wand look at like, it is fair to to speak a few things around it.

The black color color an extremely well might be due to the truth that it is an ebony wood wand, similar to Dumbledore. This could be fitting, together Snape self is cursed to the task set forth come him by Dumbledore. The wands the Ebony space suited for those that strive to continue to be true to your core, i beg your pardon Snape did throughout his time in the story.

3 Minerva McGonagall

Minerva McGonagall is among the many underrated figures in Harry Potter. A strong figure that resilience and truth in ~ Hogwarts, McGonnagal could never have actually been straightforward on Potter and also his friends, but always treated them with the respect she understood necessary.

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Her strong leadership skills and ethical compass align well with her fir wood, dragon heartstring, and nine and also a half-inch wand. Firwood is said to be one of the strongest woods because that wands, producing a tool that demands continuing to be power and also strength in your owners. McGonagall is a column of direction for the school, and also her wand embodies that.

Ginny Weasley"s wand isn"t completely known in terms of core and length, but Rowling has evidenced that that is do of Yew wood. Ironically, the wand of take care of Potter"s mam is the same product as his enemy"s. While Voldemort"s wand signifies the an unfavorable and angry tendencies the this wand, Yew actually renders perfect feeling for Ginny.

Ginny is a deep protective separation, personal, instance of anyone she loves. Therefore Yew fits, as this wood is likewise known to be offered by an effective witches and also wizards for protective magic. This wands likewise never select a mediocre or timid owner, perfect for a talented witch-like Ginny.

1 Bellatrix Lestrange

when Voldemort is evil embodied in full, Bellatrix Lestrange is nothing but pure sadism. Her lust to cause pain onto others is unmatched, and her insanity doesn"t make it any better. She wand, do of Walnut through a dragon heartstring core, only supports her lethal touch.

Walnut wands space not evil by nature, but their ability is wide-reaching, may be to execute just about any assignment the user wishes. This yearning to carry out can create a toxic relationship in the dorn hands, causing a weapon experienced in the worst type of magic possible.

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