Almost nobody of Gatsby"s acquaintances or party guests to visit his funeral; they just used that in life for his culture and his parties. Owl eyes is yes, really the only previous partygoer who mirrors up. His "owl eyes" signify his perceptiveness and also his capacity to check out the truth. As soon as readers an initial meet Owl Eyes, he is marveling over the realism of Gatsby"s library, seemingly conscious that the books are just props in the fabricated scene that Gatsby"s home. He to be the just one who was able to see v Gatsby"s facade and understand the tragedy at the facility of his life.

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gatsby"s funeral

owl eyes

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The owl-eyed guy is an observer, someone who clear-sightedness permits him to check out Gatsby for that he really is. We an initial meet that in thing three: He claims to have been drunk "for about a week," and also he looks in ~ Gatsby"s library in astonishment:

“Absolutely actual — have actually pages and...

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The owl-eyed guy is an observer, someone who clear-sightedness allows him to watch Gatsby for that he yes, really is. We very first meet the in thing three: He claims to have been drunk "for about a week," and he looks in ~ Gatsby"s library in astonishment:

“Absolutely genuine — have pages and everything. I assumed they’d be a nice resilient cardboard. Matter of fact, castle absolutely real. Pages and — Here! Lemme present you.”

Taking ours scepticism because that granted, that rushed come the bookcases and returned with Volume one of the “Stoddard Lectures.”

“See!” he cry triumphantly. “It’s a bona-fide item of published matter. It fooled me. This fella’s a regular Belasco. The a triumph. What thoroughness! What realism! Knew once to stop, as well — didn"t reduced the pages."

David Belasco to be a well known Broadway producer, well-known for the realism of his phase sets. The owl-eyed guy correctly look at Gatsby"s house, and his party, and possibly his guest (Nick included?) as phase props.

When he involves Gatsby"s funeral, he says a couple of words to Nick:

We straggled down quickly through the rain come the cars. Owl-eyes spoke to me by the gate.

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“I couldn’t acquire to the house,” that remarked.

“Neither could anybody else.”

“Go on!” he started. “Why, mine God! they provided to walk there through the hundreds.”

The owl-eyed man"s sorry feelings for Gatsby space a tiny confusing if we think that him together impartial. I think much from being impartial, the owl-eyed man is probably the only character in the book who is maybe to fully empathize with Gatsby. His appearance in ~ the funeral enables Fitzgerald to offer his pithiest assessment of Gatsby"s career ever:

He took off his glasses and wiped lock again, outside and also in. “The poor son-of-a-bitch,” the said.”