These lessons, through videos, examples and also solutions, aid Grade 7 students discover how around opposites and also absolute value of integers.

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Each integer has an opposite.For example,The the contrary of +6 is -6.The the contrary of -3 is +3.

The absolute worth of an essence is its street from 0 top top the number line.

The following diagram reflects opposite integers ~ above the number line. Scroll under the page for an ext examples and solutions on opposite integers and absolute values.


How to identify the Opposites that Integers? To uncover the the contrary of an integer, us just change its sign. If that is negative, change to positive. If that is positive change to negative.Opposite integers room the pairs of integers that have actually the same absolute value, or the same distance indigenous zero. The amount of 2 opposites is constantly zero.

This video provides two examples of identify the the contrary of a offered integer.Examples:What is opposing of 4?What is the contrary of -9?

Simplifying the Opposites of negatives IntegersShortcut:An even number of negatives outcomes in a positive.An odd number of negatives results in a negative.

This video provides several instances of simplifying opposites of negative integers.

Examples:Evaluate −(5)−(−3)−(−(−1))−(−(−(−8)))

Opposite and also absolute value of one integerOpposites: 2 numbers that space the exact same distance indigenous zero however on the opposite sides.Absolute value: The integer’s street from zero top top the number line.

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Absolute Value and also Opposite that Integers

Example:Write the absolute value and also opposite the a) −16b) 140c) −1d) 0

Opposites and also Absolute worths of Integers Learn about the opposites and absolute worths of integers.


Find the additive train station of −1Evaluate the expressions:a. |−9| + |−7| b. |−2 × 9|c. |18 / −3|

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