Queens is just one of the major boroughs the the city of brand-new York, situated in the eastern component of the United states of America. V the area exceeding one hndred square miles, kings is the biggest borough of the city. It have the right to be discovered in the eastern component of NYC, bordered by Manhattan, the Bronx and also the various other districts of long Island. Both airports of brand-new York City, john F. Kennedy worldwide Airport and LaGuardia Airport, can be found in Queens. The southern part of the borough has a large number of tiny islands and also is bordered through the Atlantic s shores. Emperors is famed for that really diverse multicultural community and a really interesting cultural life, and also numerous landmarks and also tourist attractions which deserve to be discovered in the downtown area. The borough of monarchs is also a commercial and also business center of new York City, through plenty of office and also business structures situated in the downtown area. Over there are plenty of wonderful eco-friendly zones and city parks scattered roughly the borough. Those room Gantry Plaza State Park, Hunter"s suggest South Park, Juniper sink Park, Flushing meadows Corona Park, Jamaica bay Wildlife Refuge, and also many more. There are numerous other landmarks together well. For example, Ed Koch Queensboro leg is the most recognizable mark of the district, and there space plenty of various other attractions and also interesting places there, including the city"s entertain centers, cafes, to buy malls, etc. Queens frequently becomes a movie production ar for assorted TV series and movies, choose The King that Queens, etc.

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Where is Queens, brand-new York City, NY, USA top top Map?

Road map the Queens, new York City, NY, USA mirrors where the place is placed.

Queens, new York City, NY, USA Lat Long works with Info

The latitude the Queens, brand-new York City, NY, USA is 40.742054,and the longitude is -73.769417.Queens, new York City, NY, USA is located at United States country in the Boroughs place group with the gps coordinates of 40° 44" 31.3944"" N and 73° 46" 9.9012"" W.

CountryLatitudeLongitudeDMS LatDMS LongUTM EastingUTM NorthingCategoryCountry CodeZoom Level
United States
40° 44" 31.3944"" N
73° 46" 9.9012"" W

Coordinates that Queens, brand-new York City, NY, USA is given over in both decimal degrees andDMS (degrees, minutes and also seconds) format. The country code provided is in the ISO2 format.

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